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Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Engineering is one of the earliest forms of technical studies, which has been vital in setting up the global standard of brilliance in the various disciplines of science and innovative technology. It has also delivered innumerable assets and utilities to the society, contributing to the welfare of humanity. The Faculty of Engineering and Technology plays the central role of grooming and developing engineers and technical experts who play the role of framing lives not only in the form of technology but also in the form of life sciences. Pioneering motives are at the heart of what engineers do to approach set-backs and thereby generating remarkable new technological advances. With our elite league of faculties, we focus on developing students who have the passion and desire to serve and impact society through the use of innovative technology, along with nurtured interpersonal skills. As the Faculty of Engineering, we ensure a 360-degree learning experience to our students by providing a wide range of academic exposure which includes expert talks, seminars, workshops and industrial visits. To keep up with the ever-changing trends, we continuously create platforms where students express their engineering innovation through practical exhibitions and projects where students can learn, enhance, develop and engineer the future.


To develop highly skilled professionals to man positions in the industry responding to
technological and scientific advancements


To develop centres of excellence through establishment of state-of-the-art laboratories/
workshops which will help students learn through hands-on experience the latest advances in

Why Study Engineering & Technology?

Engineering offers diverse blend of programs, which have utility in versatile areas of life, thus guaranteeing the highest level of career satisfaction as it suits the academic requirements of every engineering aspirant.

The 21st century is characterized by an ever-growing scope of innovation, thus an exposure to engineering allows students to effectively navigate the new and modern trends in engineering technology.

Engineering provides practical solutions designed to meet the needs and requirements of the human society, thus the utility of an Engineer is synchronized with the existence of humanity. In other words as long as humanity still exists, an engineer is always needed.

Upon graduation, an Engineer is exposed to a wide range of career prospects, from either pursuing a career as an Engineer, or pursuing his own innovation through the scope of entrepreneurship.

What makes
PU Faculty of Engineering & Technology unique?

The Faculty of Engineering features numerous programs which encompass ultra-modern techniques designed to give the finest Engineering exposure.
The faculty aims at providing a systematic form of evaluation and feedback to the students, therefore facilitating a more comprehensive learning platform.
To motivate the students, the Faculty of Engineering creates various platforms for inspiration where students can learn and develop their innovative elements.
Our strategic international ties, allow us to provide students with the finest platforms for international exposure, with the most elite forms of collaborative research projects.

Message from
the Dean

"To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be." Engineering is a science to find novel, creative and practical solutions for human welfare. It is not restricted to the age-old methods of teaching and learning. But rather the teaching methods have become more practical and application-based. The lecturers and professors at the Faculty of Engineering ensure a balanced method of learning with ample hours of practical training, interactive learning, expert talks, industrial visits and a continuous system of evaluation.  Learning at PU is a collective process where the students, faculties and the staff members work conjointly to achieve new heights. Each passing year, we adapt and enrich the academic lives of the students. The Faculty of Engineering has carved a niche for itself as one of the best engineering institutions across the nation. Henceforth, I take this opportunity to congratulate the students who have gotten successfully placed and I also wish good luck to the ones who are pursuing this field of knowledge with us. I welcome the new aspirants to the Faculty of Engineering, where we drive the world through Engineering.

Dr. Vipul Vekariya

What Students Say

As an engineering student, I have received all the support anytime, anywhere in the University. I’ve been taught by extremely talented teachers who are IIT and NIT graduates. I always counted on them for strengthening my concepts and boosting my technical skills.

Disha Patel

Throughout the four years, I’ve actively participated in Projections, Tech expo, Engineer’s Day and other numerous technical events which have inculcated a room for innovation in me.

Divyesh Gujar

The industrial and hospital visits, workshops, expert talks, and the inter university fests have provided me a great insight and inculcated the technical expertise required in my field.

Fuzel Siddiqui

I credit my campus selection to the Training & Placement Cell of Parul University. It has regularly arranged mock interviews, effortlessly coordinated between the companies and students, organised training programs, and conducted sessions from the industry experts. All this makes the T&P Cell very trustworthy for shaping the career of students.

Himadri Pandey

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