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Knowledge is the wheel which keeps the vehicle of education in a revolving flow of motion. Our libraries are the centers of knowledge and our books are the vessels which provide students with the most enriching learning experience. They are equipped with the most modern facilities and amenities, designed to make every reading session highly fulfilling and completely engaging. Not only do we provide our students with the highest form of comfort, but studying with our libraries exposes them to the current updates in the field of science, engineering, medicine and humanities. To guarantee our students with the best form of convenience, our digital libraries and e-resources provide an easy access, giving them an ambiance of PU libraries anywhere and everywhere. The library also features well structured Book Bank Schemes whereby students can conveniently borrow text books for one academic year or for a semester, based on the needs of the students.

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Enriching Knowledge Centres

Our centers of knowledge are equipped with the most resourceful books, journals and learning resources to provide you with the most enlightening pool of knowledge. Our spacious reading spaces, create an ambiance which inspires your reading senses, while at the same time satisfies your inquisitive elements. A blend of colour and comfort, makes up our student friendly reading halls, making every experience an enlightening one. Our flexible service hours, go on to provide you with the highest convenience and flexibility in accessing the library.

From The Chief Librarian

Dr Dhaval Bhatt

Personally I believe that the essence of knowledge lies behind the pages of a book, and libraries are the centers of knowledge which transform the mind and renew the hearts. Parul University libraries have a mission of great importance in the academic lives of faculties and students, providing them with reference and information sources in the various fields of knowledge and while at the same time providing the most dynamic learning environment. The university constantly expands its library’s collection of books, academic journals as well as electronic information sources in order to widen its services. The library ensures that its collections remain forward – looking, diverse in breadth and form, open to the contemporary standards of the world with the utmost quality. Through promotion, the library makes people aware of the resources available to them, and through innovation, it makes access to these resources easier. The Library preserves information across all formats and ensures the effective storage and delivery of these resources. The Library continues to embrace change and align itself to thrive on diversity, to support professional growth and opportunity and to reward flexibility and innovation. I welcome you to the Central Library.

Learning Beyond the Library


As a way of keeping in touch with the modern trends in technology, our state of the art libraries, are wired with the latest library network systems. We go on to provide a pool of online and digital resources, which provide our students with the highest form of convenience and a guaranteed availability of our library services. SOUL 2.0 a library based software follows a barcode software in the issuance of the library resources and the OPAC – “ON LINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE” always gives you an expedient experience in finding the location of books and other resources.

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*Please note that you need to register yourself through parul university email ID and then inform the library about the same for activating the service.


Sustainable Librarianship: Reengineering and Reimagining Libraries MANLIBNET 2019

The ever-changing trends in global technology, have been creating a rising demand for libraries to move from ancient practises, towards more innovation based sustainable solutions, for downscaling the adverse environmental impacts. This was the underlying focus behind the recently held International Conference on “Sustainable Librarianship: Reengineering and Reimagining Libraries,” organised at Parul University’s Vadodara campus. This gathering of minds was made possible through the joint efforts of the Faculty of Library Sciences and the University’s Central Library, in conjunction with Management Libraries Network, (MANLIBNET).

Our Online Resources


WAYAM is an initiative by Government of India. This platform is indigenously developed by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) with the help of Microsoft. Courses delivered through SWAYAM are available free of cost to the learners, however students wanting certifications shall be registered and shall be offered a certificate on successful completion of the course, with a little fee. The courses hosted on SWAYAM are in 4 quadrants –

This platform is capable of hosting 2000 courses and 80000 hours of learning: covering school, under-graduate, post-graduate, engineering, law and other professional courses. In order to ensure best quality content are produced and delivered, nine National Coordinators have been appointed: They are AICTE for self-paced courses, NPTEL for engineering, UGC for post-graduation education, CEC for under-graduate education, NCERT & NIOS for school education, IGNOU for out of the school students and, IIMB for management studies.

Link to the Database:

SWAYAM Online Courses – https://swayam.gov.in/

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