PU Identifies With You

Promoting Student Harmony

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Enhancing Student Talent

Embracing Unique Heritage

Cross Cultural Integration

Culture is who we are, it is the vibrancy of diversity which gives us our identity, in return our events are designed to identify with the unique element within each and every unique student. As a way of making your learning experience worthwhile, we celebrate the multi-cultural essence within the PU campus through an array of festivals and events. Our 50,000+ students, and 50 Nationalities, along with cultures from every corner of India, make us the ideal culturally global University which seeks to provide an enriching experience of the world. The department of events and culture annually celebrates the essence of PU’s cultural heritage through festivals such as Dhoom. These festivals beyond celebrating the cultural heritage, go on to provide a platform for Nurturing and developing the talents of the students.

A Reflection of India

PU's Student Demographic Represents Every State


In Touch With the Modern Culture

For us culture is an ever-changing process, which never remains the same from time to time, therefore beyond the ancient culture, we provide you with a vibrant festive of modernity through our thrilling DJ nights. As we promote harmony within the PU campus community, our EDM nights create the most energising and refreshing experience.


PU’s Annual Celebration of Vibrancy

The surrounding echo of the trumpet blown to signal the commencing of Parul University’s most vibrant festivity of cultures. The annual cultural festival Dhoom, brings to life the rich essence of diversity inhibited within the PU campus. With the understanding that within every individual lies a unique sense of talent, awaiting a platform for expression, Dhoom goes on to facilitate such a platform, where over 20 000 students, get to showcase their inherent creative elements annually.

The Essence of Yoga Day In A Healthy Way

The only way to a healthy body is through the mind, when your mind becomes healthy only then will you be able to keep your body in a healthy state. Our grand celebration of Yoga day, provides you with the most enriching experience of not only culture, but a mind refreshing experience.

The World In A Campus

Embracing National Heritage

Having such an ocean of vast nationalities which are integrated together in the highest form of solidarity, allows us to facilitate platforms to celebrate and honour the Unique heritage of every nationality. Annually Parul University, commemorates the cultural significance of every nationality by exclusively organising independence and national day celebrations for the respective nationalities.