Systems Support Cell

The University’s Systems Support Cell is a dedicated wing of technical assistance experts responsible for the provision of digital amenities as well as ensuring the smooth functioning of the technical processes in the institution. The IT and computer systems of the University takes provide assistance for various branches of the technological provisions on campus such as wireless Internet, computer labs, IT services & maintenance, query solving experts, IT experts, hardware handymen, IT consultants, software handymen, tools & devices, security & cyber security set-ups, and more. This is done with the intent of being available to students, faculty, non-teaching staff, and the administrative team in times of need while also ensuring that their respective duties are not interrupted. The campus is equipped with an on-premise Data Centre (DC) to cater to various hosting services throughout the campuses of the University to provide better insights into data streams as well as to cater better IT services for students and staff members with minimal latency to reach each portal/service. The University also has an on-premise Disaster Recovery Site (DR) to provide assistance with various backups, and redundancy in case of critical servers hosted at the Data Centre.  University have 100+ Computer Practical Laboratories with 4000+ Computers (having Intel Core i3, Core i5 & Core i7 Processors)  60+ High End Workstations (Intel Core i7 & Intel Xeon Processors) and 700+ Laptops with latest configurations from Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo  40 + Apple iMac and MacBook (With Intel Core i5 & Apple Silicon M1-M2 Processors). Every year adding around 500+ latest configuration desktops and laptops for variouspractical laboratories and staff pc replacement and new requirements.

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Our IT support services provide the most effective and efficient tech-support to all the stakeholders of the University. Through our unique team of IT experts, we ensure prompt servicing, and assistance both physical and virtual. Our services range from email service support, WiFi access and connectivity support, ICT Classroom Support, Surveillance System Support, G-Suite Education Service Support, Computer Laboratory Hardware, Software & Network Support. In addition, the team of highly skilled experts go on to provide comphrehensive Data Centre Support with 95% uptime on physical and virtual servers, storage and netwroks. To ensure the highest form of security and data privacy protection, the Systems Support Cell has put in place 2FA, Gateway Level Firewall, Server Protection with Sandstorm and EDR. The efforts of the Cell have been dedicated towards providing every faculty and student with the most enriching learning experience, through effective digital support services.

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Digital Healthcare Support

The systems support cell has been taking several initiatives which have been dedicated towards ensuring the highest form of efficiency in the field of healthcare. Inline with this, the cell developed a virtual surgical video transmission system which would allow students to gain practical insights into the protocols and procedures of surgical treatments. As a way of enhancing the management of the hospital, a Hospital Management System software with server have been developed along with 150+ computer nodes for better healthcare facilities for Parul Sevashram Hospital along with 6 Ayush Hospitals. The IT support is also offered to other healthcare and hospital software and IT connected devices, such as MRI, CT-Scan, ophthalmology, skin, eye, cath lab, operation theatre surveillance & surgery gallery devices, Osirix MD software and apple nodes, HPLC machines.

Mr. Snehalkumar Darji

Chief Technology Officer

My passion and commitment for nurturing technical support as a Chief Technology Officer allows me to offer excellent skills in business continuity, planning and analytics while at the same time providing the most effective and efficient technical support. With an experience of over 15 years in executive leadership of information technology support operations, our support team has been dedicated towards providing advanced system support, infrastructure and tools to enhance the teaching, learning and administrative processes of the University. I believe the times inwhich we are living in today, having the knowledge of technology is no longer an option but it is mandatory. from education to healthcare, and even in our homes, we are using technology. Therefore my efforts as CTO have not only been centred on providing the platform for these technologies, but also creating opportunities for students to enhance their digital skills and relate with technology.

Digital Resources

Ensuring The Highest Learning Convinience

The system support cell provides a unique blend of resources which provide the most effective support to the teaching and learning process. Through these resources we go on to facilitate platforms which can support teachers and students throughout the learning process.


The LMS seeks to provide a comprehensive platform for learning through specified online courseworks.

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Learning Management System


The platform provides the most effective models of assessment for students And Digital exam taking.

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Online Exam Platform


The platform is a blend of the most enriching courses and programs delivered Virtually by experts

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Online Learning Portal


The RMS comprises of a blend of digital learning resources and study materials For students in various digital formats.

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Resource Management System

IT Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Dell PowerEdge R740xd Rack Server (vSAN Ready Nodes with 2 Socket Processor each server with Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6242R CPU @ 3.10GHz) having total 240 Core Processor / 480 vCPU, 85 Terabyte All Flash (SSD) vSAN Storage, 3 Terabyte Ram – 6 Nos. The said servers are configured in Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the help of license version of Vmware vSAN Advance, vSphere Standard, vCenter Standard, vRealize Operations Manager Standard purchased in year 2020 & 2021

  • Established Supercomputer Lab with Param Shavak Supercomputer (Intel Xeon Gold 6145 Processor CPU, Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 16GB DDR6 Graphic Card, 96 GB RAM & 16TB ROM ) though Govt. aided grant for student and staff research purpose in year 2020

  • Array APV 2800 Load Balancer Appliance to Load Balance Servers, ISP Links & to optimize the on-premise hosted web servers : 1 No. purchased in year 2020.

  • Dell EMC Power Vault ME4012 Storage  with 71 Terabyte of SAS MDL Storage Capacity purchased in year 2020 and expanded in 2021

  • Multiple QNAP 10 Bay Storage having with 50G (25G * 2) Connectivity and 100+TB Storage Capacity purchased in 2017, 2018 and Expanded in 2021.

  • Dell S5248-FON Core & Top on Rack (TOR) L3 Networking Switches - 4 Nos having regular upgradation every 5 years and adding capacity of at least 1- L3 Switch every 3 years to suffice the requirement of building expansion throughout the campuses. Recently expanded in year 2020

  • Vertiv SC-17 AC Smart Racks with 2 Auto PDU, RDU, Access Control, Temp. & Humidity Controller, Fire Detection & Suppression System, Water Leak & Door Switch Sensor purchased In year 2020

  • Vertiv 30 KVA UPS Facility with battery backup of 4 HOURS for Data Centre purchased in year 2018 and expanded in year 2020 & 2021.

  • 16 Port Vertiv Avocent IP KVM Switch with LRA Display to centrally manage all severs from Smart Rack purchased in year 2020

  • Dlink DWC 2000 Wireless Network Controller with 512 AP License purchased in year 2016 and expanded in 2018

  • Ruijie WS 5504 Wireless Network Controller with 512 AP License purchased in year 2018 and expanded in year 2019 & 2020

  • Ruijie WS 6008 Wireless Network Controller- 2 Nos with 256 AP License purchased in year 2019 and expanded in year 2020 & 2021

  • Cyberoam 1000ia Firewall–purchased in year 2015 upgraded to Sophos XG 550 firewall in year 2018 and again upgraded to Sophos XG 750 firewall – 2 Nos. for HA (High Availability in Active-Active) mode in year 2021

University also have on-premise Disaster Recovery Site (DR) @ nearby campus to DC to cater various backup and redundancy to critical servers hosted at Data Centre having critical applications and services hosted.

  • HP LTO 5 Tape Drive Backup with 32 TB Tape Drive Backup provision (4 TB * 8 Tapes) purchased in year 2012

  • HP MSA P2000 Storage Controller with 12 TB Storage purchased in year 2012

  • HP Blade Centre C3000 8 Bay Blade Server Chassis with 460 G7 * 2 Blade Servers purchased in year 2012

  • HP DL 380 Blade Server purchased in year 2018

  • Vertiv 20 KVA UPS Facility with battery backup of 4 HOURS for Disaster Recovery Site purchased in year 2012 & 2015

  • D Link DGS 6604 L3 Network Chassis purchased in year 2012

  • IBM X3400 Tower Servers : 02 Nos. purchased in year 2008

  • IBM X 3200 Tower Server : 04 Nos. purchased in year 2009

  • 32 Channel Network Video Recorder for Surveillance : 150 and adding around 15+ Network Video Recorder of 32 Channel every year

  • 1500 TB Plus Storage for 24* 7 Surveillance and adding around 300+ TB of storage every year

  • 2000+ IP Cameras and adding around 300+ IP Cameras every year

  • 8.1 Gbps of Internet Leased Line Bandwidth on Optical Fiber Cable through Internet Service provider BSNL & JIO on National Level Ring redundancy and adding almost same the bandwidth every year

  • Wireless LAN of 2500 + Wireless Access Point (of multiple OEM-Ruijie, Sophos, D-Link) to cater the need of 28000+ Students and 3000+ Faculty members throughout 150 + acre University Campus and adding around 350+ Cloud base Wireless Access Points every year.

  • Matrix Face Recognition base access Control along with Face Recognition Mobile App base attendance system for all employees of the university campus and adding 2+ FR Access Control devices along with 200+ Mobile base FR Application Licenses every year

  • 400 + L2/L2+ Manageable Dell (N1524/N1548/ N1100 / N1524-48POE) & Dlink (DGS-1500-28 /1510-28P/3120-24TC/3200-24) Networking Switches at Distribution and Access Levels and adding around 30+ Network switches every year

  • D Link D-view Network Monitoring Enterprise License to monitor and maintain entire network, planning to add PRTG or Solarwinds Network Monitoring, Management and Analyzer software in year 2022

  • 50 Kilometer of Optical Fiber Cable Network to connect 70+ Buildings in 150+ acre University Campus to Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre and adding 1500+ Mtr of 24 Core and 1000+ Mrt of 6 Core OFC every year to suffice the requirement of new developed Institute and Hostel building throughout campus

  • Apple iMac Computer Lab for iOS App Development with 20 iMac purchased in year 2018 and added around 5 iMacs in year 2020 and 5 MacBook Air and Pro in year 2021

  • HP & Dell Higher End Workstation Lab for Design & Architecture Students with 30 Workstation purchased in year 2019 and added around 10 Workstation in year 2020

  • Purchased 5 HP & Dell High End Workstation Labs for UG / PG & Ph.D. Student Research Specialized lab in year 2017

  • Purchased HP & Dell High End Workstations for Faculty Research Programs in year 2018

  • Exclusive Computer Centre with 180 PCs for Online IT Exams

  • Language Laboratory for Other Language Teachings was established with 20 Computer and 1 Server in year 2014 and upgraded with more advance utilities and setup in year 2019 with Soundproof room setup and Headphones, etc

  • Hospital Information Management System Software with Virtualized Compute and Database Servers with 200+ Computer Nodes for better healthcare facilities to in house university campus hospitals.

  • ICT Classroom facility (Classroom with Fixed Laptop, Projector, Presenter, Soundbar, Connectors) in 650+ Classroom throughout all 3 university campuses developed between year 2015 to 2020 and adding around 60+ ICT Classroom every year.

  • Smart Interactive Board with in-built PC with Core-i5 Processor and 256GB SSD installed in 100 Classroom in year 2021.

  • ICT and Smart Interactive Board with Audio Visual Facilities in 10+ Seminar Halls developed in last 5 years.

  • 15+ Conference Halls with ICT Facilities developed in last 3 years

  • 20 Lecture Halls with 150+ Student Capacity & 2 Auditoriums of capacity of 500+ Capacity developed with ICT, Audio Visual and Wireless Presentation facilities in last 5 years.

  • 650+ Benq LCD Projectors installed in ICT Classrooms and adding around 60+ every year

  • 300+ Laser Printers (Canon LBP 2900 & HP MFP 1005n) purchased and adding around 50+ every year

  • 100+ Colour Scanners purchased till date and adding around 20+ Scanners every year

  • 40+ Canon Image Class Network Printers or Zerox Machines purchased till date and adding 3+ every year

  • Network Connectivity ready for more than 10000+ IP Network Devices thought-out all 3 University Campuses