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About Career Development Cell

For every academic journey, having a highly lucrative, fulfilling career is the final destination. The career development cell acts as the vehicle which drives you through the preparation process which nurtures you into becoming the ideal candidate for your dream career. Our role is complementary to the academic process, as we seek to edify and enhance the scope of the academic curriculum, designed to equip career aspirants with the relevant industrial skills. We offer an array of programs and courses uniquely designed to inculcate within the students not only the essential knowledge, but also the professional etiquette and leadership capabilities. The program offers a comprehensive approach to learning, as it commences from the initial point of every student’s academic journey to the final point of graduation. With a uniquely trained league of staff, committed and dedicated to bring out the best in every student, our uncompromising efforts have been exclusively crafted in a program specific manner, so as to meet the relevant industrial needs of the students.

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Aptitude training

Why You Need Career Development

With the passage of time, the scope of the world is ever changing, the advent of globalization, industrialization and innovation, has constantly caused an endless evolution in the scope of the industrial and corporate sector. Therefore it becomes a matter of great importance that the students learn to equip themselves with the essential tools of professionalism required for them to navigate the business world. In addition, this dynamic shift has also seen the end of ancient professional cultures with the ushering in of new career prospects for the students. Therefore the career development cells plays a significant role of ensuring that the students get to learn to adapt to these new practices. Career development also endeavors to create a platform and an atmosphere of inspiration, which nurtures the creative and innovative elements within every student.


To enhance the students’ employability on both the institutional and the industrial levels. We strive to mold professionally competent students with the ability to navigate the global arena, endeavoring to contribute towards the growth of the nation and society, through their professionalism.


To groom & transform today’s ambitious students into highly competent work-professionals & responsible citizens of our country by promoting awareness about “Competency in English Language & Soft Skills in 21st Century Workplace” among the student fraternity and to instill work ethics & values in our students to succeed in Academics and Career.

Enroute to Employability

A Mega National Event Organised by the Training & Placement and Career Development Cell at Parul University. A convergence of CEOs, CHROs, Presidents, VPs from Top notch MNCs and speakers from academia to generate outcomes in terms of policies and practices in conjunction with an action oriented dialogue on Employability: Dimension, Issues & Challenges and Action Agenda for Heightened Employability Quotient. The event hosted 30+ Eminent Speakers and 300+ Industry Delegates.
Learning Made Interactive

Learning Made Interactive

Language Lab

When it comes to language, accuracy in pronunciation is one of the most essential elements for learning the flow of speech. The language lab is a uniquely designed facility which has provided students with a platform to improve and develop their communicative aspects in regards to languages like English, French, German and Hindi. The lab goes on to provide students with an engaging and highly interactive learning experience.

What Students Say

Our Reviews Speak for US

The career development cell gave me regular training in the English language, and the teachers always encouraged me to know more beyond the classroom. This did not only improve my communication, but it also enhanced my understanding. Today my English language competences have placed me in a position of great advantage in regards to my career.

Khyati Mishra

I was never confident in my own individual ability to tackle aptitude tests, however the career development cell organised for me regular aptitude tests and I believe this gave me the knowledge, and above all it gave me the confidence to take my final tests, all the fear was completely gone. I strongly feel that it was because of these regular trainings I managed to acquire such a good placement.

Uzair Patel

I never knew that I would be able to master any other languages apart from English and Hindi. But through the linguistics learning under the Career development, I was able to pass my French exam and now I am a fluent French speaker, which is an added advantage for my career. I am grateful for such an opportunity to learn in this enriching space.

Dhruvi Kapadiya