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Faculty of Liberal Arts

From time immemorial, the field of arts has been known to be one of the driven goals behind many of the social and political evolutions and today it still maintains a place of great academic significance. The Faculty of Liberal Arts endeavors to enlighten students through the learning of arts, so as to develop intellectually critical and analytical minds with an appreciation for literature. The faculty lies on the foundations of creativity and the need to enhance their creative elements by facilitating various platforms of individual expression. The curriculum follows a highly personalized system, that is designed in such a manner which relates and satisfies the academic needs of every student. The program offers a comprehensive study in various undergraduate and postgraduate fields of Arts which include English Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Mass Communication amongst other fields. The Faculty of Liberal Arts  nurtures students who are well versed with the current status quo of society as a way of allowing the maximum level of student engagement in such contemporary issues for the betterment of humanity.


To resurrect the importance of humanities in the real field situations and training the students
to contribute to the well-being of the society


To develop and offer educational programmes in the fields of social sciences which are
applicable to promote values and morals in the society

Why Study Liberal Arts?

With the continuous evolution in human rights, with the emergence of new political ideologies, the knowledge of Arts has become crucial in navigating, and making the most meaning out of these social reforms.

The field of Arts covers a very broad and wide scope of study, which makes it complementary to every other field of education, giving it the highest level of applicability.

Most of the political and administrative roles, that are aligned with the government and public service require a person or an individual, who is well versed with the field of Arts, as these posts require, highly critical think tanks.

Arts is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, such as a Political Sciences, Journalism, Bureaucracy, Academics, Psychology and Sociology amongst others.

What makes
PU Faculty of Liberal Arts unique?

Practical training, through student engaging workshops, conferences and seminars.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.
An expressive and creative learning environment, which allows students to follow their unique creativity.

Message from
the Dean

The world is ever changing, with each day that passes, the scope of knowledge and understanding takes a different shape and form, therefore in order to navigate the world, every student needs to be versatile and adaptable to these changes. As the Dean of Faculty of Liberal Arts, this is the main ideology which drives every academic process, one which seeks to develop the mental faculties and equip them with the relevant skills of adaptability. The one thing that I am highly confident about, is that the decision to study Arts is more than just a choice, it is a passion and my dedication is towards bringing the best in the students’ passion so as to serve humanity as a whole. My vision for the Faculty of Liberal Arts is also supported by a league of expert faculties whose skillsets and expertise continue to provide an enriching academic experience for the students. I am more than delighted to welcome you to the Arts faculty, I am here to guide you towards an enlightening academic journey.

Dr. Digvijay Pandya

What Students Say

My level of confidence was always lacking, however through the various interpersonal skill development sessions which the faculty of law regularly conducts I was able to fully develop the required speaking skills and nurture my abilities to clearly communicate my ideas in the best way possible.

Jayraj Barot

One thing I truly appreciate about the faculty of Arts is the highly trained and skilled faculties as well as experts who have given me the necessary training that I deeply required. It is not only the training in terms of the academics but is also the motivation and passion which is required to pursue my course.

Jinay Shah

The seminars and conferences along with the industrial visits which I regularly took part in gave the most essential base of knowledge and understanding which I required for my career to be a success. I truly appreciate, the PUPlus, additional advantages of being in PU.

Joyal Patel

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