About Visiting Professor

The International Visiting Professor Program is an initiative which involves inviting distinguished professors or scholars from foreign countries to teach, lecture, conduct research, or collaborate with our academic institutions for a specified period of time. These programs are often established to promote academic exchange, foster collaboration, and enhance the global perspective of both students and faculty.

Key features of such programs may include:

Teaching and Lecturing

Visiting professors may deliver lectures, seminars, or workshops on specialized topics within their field of expertise. This provides students with exposure to different teaching styles and perspectives.

Research Collaboration

Visiting professors often engage in collaborative research projects with local faculty members and students. This facilitates knowledge exchange and contributes to the advancement of research in various disciplines.

Professional Development

Hosting international scholars can offer professional development opportunities for both faculty and students. They may participate in conferences, symposiums, or other academic events, broadening their networks and enhancing their skills.

Cultural Exchange

In addition to academic activities, visiting professors may also participate in cultural exchange programs, sharing aspects of their culture with the host institution and vice versa. This fosters understanding and appreciation of different cultural backgrounds.

Our International Visiting Professor Programs play a crucial role in promoting internationalization in higher education, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding among scholars and institutions worldwide.

Application Form

To apply for the visiting professor candidates are required to fill in the following details with the relevant information to the best of their knowledge.

parul Website

An Initiative for Global Education

The Visiting Professor Program is a part of Parul University's Global Academia Initiative which seeks to bridge the geographic, academic and cultural gaps in higher education by creating platforms for global academic opportunities.

  • Fully Funded Opportunities
  • Global Academic Networking
  • Cross-Cultural Integration

Become A Visiting

Global Teaching Capacity Building

The program allows you to develop your teaching capacity by conducting lectures for students from across the globe.

Collaborative Research Opportunities

Through the VPP program professors and scholars from prominent Universities across the world get the opportunity to collaborate for research.

Global Curriculum & Evaluation Standards

VPP provides the opportunity to develop global acceptable normative standards of teaching, curriculum development, evaluation and assessment.

Cross-cultural sharing

Get to experience an enriching exposure to diverse cultures across India and the world through your teaching experience.

What The
Visiting Program Offers

  • Invitation Letter.
  • Accommodation & Meals.
  • Research Laboratories and Learning Resources.
  • Office Space in the Campus.
  • Access to On-Campus facilities.
  • Local Transportation.
  • Opportunities for Workshops and Capacity Building.
  • Collaborative Research Projects with Indian Professors.