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Nursing has always had its place of value and significance in the society. In the past historical times and in todays’ context it has grown even more in its manner of significance. Nursing is more than just a profession, it is a scientific practice in the service of humanity. The Faculty of Nursing, is dedicated towards imparting the knowledge of nursing to produce nurses who are committed to service and push forward the World Heath Organization's ideal of Universal Healthcare for all. The program offers a comprehensive learning experience which is designed to expose students to both the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing. The Faculty is equipped with a multi-speciality teaching hospital which has over 750 beds thus providing students with the highest form of medical practice. The students go on to receive guidance from experts who ensure the highest form of enriching knowledge and competent understanding. The Faculty of Nursing offers an in-depth exposure to General Nursing and Midwifery along with Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery which are designed to satisfy the academic requirements of every student. We are committed to guiding you today on the journey towards your nursing career tomorrow.


To provide nursing services with human touch to the society at large and convalescing
patients in particular


To train human resources in patient, pediatric and geriatric care through nursing education at
different levels

Why Study Nursing?

Nursing in today’s society maintains a position of great importance, with a high demand for health professionals to meet the current WHO goal of Universal Health Care.

With the ever-increasing scope of scientific methods of health care and patient care, there is a great need for effective nursing resources.

Nursing is more than just a course, it is a service to society and humanity as a whole, therefore it stands on position of global recognition.

Upon studying nursing, the program provides you with endless career opportunities to pursue such as, hospital care, dialysis and pediatrics amongst other career opportunities.

What makes
PU Faculty of Nursing unique?

Our Strategic International ties provide our students with a wide range of exposure to global healthcare methods.
A Comprehensive learning approach, with a unique focus in practical and community service work.
The 750 bedded teaching hospital provides an in-depth real-time exposure to nursing.
Expert talks and seminars from healthcare experts edify the learning process for the students.

Message from
the Dean

Nursing is more than a practice, it is a service which maintains the highest level of dignity in society and humanity as a whole. Therefore, I believe that being a nurse is a position that comes with the responsibility of serving the people and bringing hope to a healthy life. It requires a personal relation between the nurse and the patient, in the same way the Faculty of Nursing provides to the student a more personalized teaching methodology. Thus, delivering a form of quality education which relates to the diversified needs of each and every student, ensuring that they find a place of service towards the betterment of humanity. Above all, with the ever changing scope of science and technology in the field of healthcare, and in as much as I believe in the need to maintain the ideological principles of the past, I also believe in the need to keep up with the contemporary changes in the society so as to provide the highest form of patient care. I welcome you to the Faculty of Nursing. 

Dr. Ravindra H. N.

What Students Say

Being a part of the Faculty of Nursing in Parul University has been by all means one of my greatest learning experiences, and the exposure I have had over the ages has really developed my abilities to care for patients and generally the people in my society.

Shring Sandilya

I was able to attain a job while I was still completing my final year in nursing, this is one of the main things which I appreciate about Parul University. I consciously appreciate the placement opportunities I received as well as the continuous grooming sessions I had to attend throughout my studies.

Shubham Tiwari

I believe the best part about being In the Faculty of Nursing for me is that I get to have a real practical experience. Parul Sevashram Hospital, provides me with a real-life work experience while I am still pursuing my course and I get to work with expert doctors.

Utkarsh Rathod

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