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Our culturally global campus with a student demography of over 35,000 students, comprising over 2,000 international students, from 56 Nationalities. Parul University, acts as the ideal learning destination, providing you with the most enriching academic experience, coupled with a unique exposure to the rich diversities of the world. Not only do we offer you with the most insightful, skill enhancing, and enlightening academic journey, we go on to ensure that you acquire the flexibility and vital skillsets to navigate the vast global dynamics. Our unique academic experience is designed to edify your knowledge base and enhance your practical exposure. With over 250, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate degree programs, we provide you with an ocean of academic opportunities which suit your potential abilities. Beyond the scope of your academics, our strategic international ties coupled with our unique approach towards skill development, guarantee you of the most lucrative global opportunities upon the completion of your academics. Make the choice, and choose PU

Why Study in Gujarat

The Growth Engine of India

  • 5th Largest Economy in India
  • 16% of India’s Investments
  • 190 Billion in GDP
  • Study in Gujarat Initiative
  • Industrial Hub of India


  • Cultural Capital of Gujarat
  • Student Friendly Cost of Living
  • India’s Emerging City
  • Safest City In India

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