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The progression of agriculture has contributed to the growth of human development. Earlier a farmer could produce sufficient food only for his family but with the advancement of various irrigation methods, electricity assistance, machinery, genetically modified organisms and other modern technologies, today farmers can grow agricultural products for more than 50 families. To guarantee the perpetuation of agriculture, the country has had a high demand for qualified professionals along with modern scientific equipment and technology. Parul University provides a four-year B.Sc. honours degree in Agriculture with the sole purpose to produce graduate students who have the competence to improve the agricultural sector and enhance productivity. The academic curriculum focuses on the principles of biology, science and technology. In addition to this, subjects like agronomy, plant genetics, soil science, agriculture engineering and horticulture make the basic framework of this program. In view of globalization and development of new technologies, the expert faculties ensure that the students meet international quality standards to always stay ahead of the learning curve. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Agriculture.


To be a leader in the area of agricultural research and development thereby contributing to
the well-being of the farming community


To provide hands-on experiential guidance to the students so that they become a guiding light
to the farmers in adoption of appropriate technology in the field

Why Study Agriculture?

Agriculture maintains a position of great importance in the context of the economy of India, one which finds its deep roots within the roots of nation, therefore pursuing this program is a lifetime guarantee of relevance.

The advent of new and modern technologies such as new irrigation systems, genetically modified crops and effective fertilizers provide graduates the opportunity to become change makers.

Governmental focus in this sector in regards to the policies and subsidies have been mainly focused on enhancing the scope of agriculture, thus with such governmental support system there is wider scope for growth.

With the move towards sustainable development and the need to preserve the environment, agriculture will once again become one of the most vital components of the economy, creating major role for agriculture graduates.

What makes
PU Faculty of Agriculture unique?

The Faculty of Agriculture caters for contemporary skills in line with entrepreneurship and experiential learning to boost confidence towards commercial farming.
A unique focus on practical learning through hands on agricultural practices, in the faculty owned farms.
An extensive focus on cutting edge research for developing the latest and modern agricultural methods.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.

Message from
the Dean

“Agriculture is the Most Healthful, Most Useful and Most Noble Employment of Man”. With these words of George Washington, I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Agriculture. This quote totally supports the case of India, which is basically an agrarian economy and nation. Due to this, the field of agriculture will always have a wide scope for employment. Agriculture science can do wonders towards the agricultural productivity. For instance, the areas where there is water shortage, crops which consume less water are grown. And regions, where the soil fertility is low, advanced fertilizers are utilized. The credit for this goes to science, our farmers, modern technology and above all the experts who would have studied this course. This is how far the developments in agriculture have reached. Coming to our Faculty, I’m extremely gratified of the rich custom of providing practical, experience-based education which the Faculty has upheld since its founding. India is a renowned country in terms of agriculture due to the ideal climate, and ecological diversity. I believe that with passion and perseverance, every student can achieve the unachievable and create a whole new world of agriculture.

Dr Kantilal G Patel 

What Students Say

Studying at PU Faculty of Agriculture has provided me with both theoretical and practical hands-on skills required for the agricultural industry. Hence, now I am thorough with the Indian agricultural practices.

Aditi Patel

The regular training, I have received at the Faculty of Agriculture with the focus on interpersonal skills has transformed me into a much better individual. It has made me look at the world and agriculture from a whole different perspective and has inculcated in me to 'do it for the nation, not for selfish motives'.

Aditya Mohite

The quality infrastructure and highly experienced faculties always gave me the guidance which I needed and guided me into a wide range of career opportunities.

Anivesh Dubey

The various field works which we did, working in and out the Faculty owned farms, gave me a real-time feel of the processes involved with agriculture.

Dhruvi Kapadiya

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