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Ensuring Campus Convenience

Student Oriented Online Grievance Redressal System

To provide students with the most effective learning environment, we have put together a system of grievance redressal that allows them to gain effective online solutions. Through our personalised classroom atmosphere, we focus on you, to ensure the most enriching learning experience. Beyond simply giving you the knowledge, we inspire you to seek more knowledge.

A Healthy Academic Experience

Beyond enriching your mind, we care for the well-being of your health and our 650 bedded multi-specialty hospital ensures that you have a healthy academic experience. Equipped with the state of the art medical facilities and a highly trained pool of medical personnel, we guarantee you with the highest form of healthcare. We Care For You, So That You Care For Your Education.

Campus Merchandise Store

We identify with you, so that PU does not only become your place of learning, but a part of your personal identity. With our campus merchandise and personalisation store, we help you to make your every PU experience, a memorable and personalised one. We believe that learning is a personal experience, and with every I Love PU, cup, t-shirt, diary or hat, we become a part of you, because you have chosen to be a part of us.

PU Canteens and Food Courts

Taste Served With Endless Campus Memories

Our canteens and food courts, are designed not just for making tasteful meals, but for creating lasting memories with dishes and cuisines from the finest multi-chain restaurants, cafes and stores, housed under a warm ambiance of comfort, for you and your circle of friends.

Our Comfort Filled Campus Residence

Your Home Away From Home

The PU hostels are not only designed to provide you with the most comfortable stay during the course of your academics, they are also made to provide you with a feeling of home away from home. With a total residence capacity of upto 10,000 students, our campus hostels are made in such a way which brings harmony amongst all the students, to ensure that you do not just live in the campus, but you also make a life within the campus.

PU Libraries

Our Fountains of Knowledge

To complement your learning journey, our libraries are the fountains of knowledge, overflowing with academic resources which will enlighten your mind. Equipped with the most student friendly facilities, every reading experience, does not only guarantee you the finest comfort, but also the most enriching encounter with knowledge. To ensure your convenience, our digital resources and libraries, are always with you wherever you are. So make knowledge a part of you.


As a way to complement your academic journey, our cells are strategically designed to act as platforms, which enhance your knowledge base, and your practical exposure. The cells offer you a learning experience which focuses on the development of the intrinsic and personal values of every student, shaping you towards your participation in the future industrial avenues. From creating endless avenues of international exposures to preparing you for a lifetime experience abroad, our academic cells are designed to act as the support pillars, which give you the necessary guidance all throughout your academic journey.

An Energising Sporting Experience

To provide students with the most engaging and energetic learning experience, our well refined and fully equipped sporting facilities provide students with a worthwhile outdoor experience. Our culture for sports is designed in such a way that allows students to explore their endless talent and abilities in sports. The campus is equipped with two designated basketball courts, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts, two badminton courts, two kabaddi grounds, along with two soccer fields and a state of the art cricket ground. These facilities go on to provide students with a vibrant sporting journey during the course of their academics.

Transport Services

A Network of Convenience

Our transport service is strategically designed to provide you with the essential convenience, required throughout your studies. We have created a network of vehicle and shuttles which provide pick and drop services for the students in various locations, which are linked to the campus. Equipped with a fleet of 63 buses and 20 passenger vehicles, our daily routes provide transportation solutions for over 10,000 students and 1000 faculties. Beyond the city of Vadodara, our bus routes reach nearby cities such as Anand, Nadiad, Ahmedabad, Karjan & Bharuch. The buses also provide transportation services for various academic related trips and visits, ensuring the highest degree of safety of the students, in the regular custody of the University.

Recreational Facilities

A Refreshing After-School Experience

Learning with us is not just an academic venture, it is a living adventure. Our focus is not only on broadening your mind with knowledge, but we also seek to refresh your mind with our relaxation and refreshing facilities. Our highly equipped gym facilities, state of the art swimming pools, and par excellent sporting facilities, provide you with the most refreshing after-school experience, which will revitalise you each night, towards your academic excellence each day.

Student Corner

You can see your result on Parul University MIS App using following steps

  • Go to google play store ——> Search PUMIS App
  • Now login to PUMIS app using your enrollment number as username at pumis.in
  • Portal password (use the same password for PUMIS app)
Note: Student can apply for Rechecking, Re-assessment through MIS login, within 7 days from the date of declaration of respective Result.
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The right support for your academic journey.

Secure Your Education Loan

Through this student loan facility, you can avail the right support for your academic career through the most affordable and convinient payment options. Eligable candidates can apply and avail the various BOB payment options which ensures that every student gets to pursue their studies in Parul University's numerous academic programs.