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Faculty of Management Studies

The contemporary global scenery, has been on a great demand for business leaders with unique skillsets in business management. The Faculty of Management, endeavors to equip students with the necessary skills and business ethics required to navigate the business world. With a uniquely formulated, practical based curriculum, the Faculty of Management seeks to nurture students into highly competent management personnel. It goes on to impart within the students, a set of entrepreneurial skills, thus not only promoting a working culture but also a culture for business innovation with vital management solutions. The faculty’s strategic industrial tie-ups, provides students with endless avenues for hands-on training from expert industrialists from various leading business fields. With an elite league of faculties, the Faculty of Management offers a comprehensive learning experience with a full exposure to the modern business trends and practices. We are committed to guiding you today, towards your bright management career tomorrow.


To develop well-trained leaders to manage leadership positions in business and industry
focusing on emerging areas of specializations


To achieve high level of institution building by offering a optimum mix of different
specializations in management

Why Study Management Studies?

Business management in today’s society maintains a position of great importance, with a high demand for human resources with the relevant business skills.

With the ever-increasing scope of entrepreneurship and start-ups in today’s society, management provides the much-needed personnel who are able to lead such businesses.

Management is more than just a course, it has a wide scope of application which goes beyond the business field. MBA today proves to be the most preferred course with the widest range of applicability worldwide.

Upon studying management, the program provides you with endless career opportunities to pursue such as Financial Management, International Business Management, Business Consultancy and Human Resources Management, amongst other career opportunities.

What makes
PU Faculty of Management Studies unique?

Our Strategic International ties provides our students with a wide range of exposure to International Business.
A Comprehensive learning approach, with a unique focus on entrepreneurship development.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.
Expert talks and seminars from business experts, provides our students with real-time business insights.

Message from
the Dean

Today’s world is ever changing, technology is ever advancing, our societies are ever developing and our economies are ever evolving. In the same way, it calls upon the individual person, to constantly update themselves and catch up to these changes. As the Dean of the Management Faculty, I am privileged to be an instrumental part of a faculty that is dedicated towards enhancing the management knowledge of the students to match up with the current world trends. Being a part of the management faculty, will provide the students a lasting academic experience with a unique development of interpersonal and professional ethics. The collective effort of the Faculty of Management is to develop and produce a well-groomed and nurtured management resource with a desire to navigate the business environment, while providing effective leadership solutions to the world.

Dr. Bijal Zaveri

What Students Say

Being a part of the management faculty has allowed me to grow and learn the various aspects of leadership, which I believe will be essential for me as a manager in the future, I really commend the level of ethics and values which is imparted on us by our teachers as it is very much helpful.

Joyal Patel

I never had the confidence within my own abilities to understand the business world, but through the business exposure I received as a result of the industrial visits and the industrial experts who would inspire me on regular basis, I began developing the necessary attitude to pursue my career.

Karan Nanda

I have always wanted to be in an environment and atmosphere that nurtures and develops my passion and desire for entrepreneurship and Parul University has given just that exposure. I have the opportunity of even starting my own startup venture while I am still in school.

Khyati Mishra

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