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Faculty of Architecture & Planning

In today’s times, when globalization has led to a fast-paced urbanization of different cities, it has become a vital need to ensure the sustainability of these cities through provisions in infrastructure, amenities, facilities and community spaces. The primary purpose of the programs offered by Parul University is the technical education of students so that they can actively contribute their knowledge, skillsets and understanding towards addressing the major urban and regional issues of the day and consequently improving the quality of life in different human habitats. The combination of theory sessions and studio exercises in the curriculum enables the translation of knowledge into practical solutions. The Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Parul University provides professional courses in architecture which combine the best of knowledge and industrial training. We prepare our students for globalisation through dynamic thought processes and an enriching exposure to various landscapes. 



To become a Center of Excellence which encompasses the traditional structures with the
modern day living


To develop professionals who are creative and are sensitive to environment, socially
responsive and possess highest levels of technical competence

Why Study Architecture & Planning?

Sustainable development has been one of the most essential needs of the modern society, this has created a huge platform for architects to come up and innovate various building concepts and ideas on which they can fully develop safe and sustainable building structures.

The program is a skill-based course, thus it imparts within the individual a specific skill set therefore providing them with the ability to develop and grow their career anyway they choose. An architecture may either choose to work under a firm or be independent.

The emergence of technology and various forms of machinery, the depth of modern-day architecture has widened in its scope, as tasks which were initially believed to be difficult, have now become possible.

The career opportunities which come with this program are endless, and each one of them allow students to be a part of any of the high paying career prospects in fields such as Govt. Departments, Local Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Educational Institutions, Professional Consultancies, Private Practice, Semi Government Sectors and Non- Governmental Organizations.

What makes
PU Faculty of Architecture & Planning unique?

State of the art infrastructure with well equipped studios and laboratories for practical training.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs and strategic partnerships.
Enlightening insights and guidance from architecture experts through conferences and seminars.
Milestone placement opportunities with lucrative packages for aspiring student architects.

Message from
the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture where we have continously endeavoured to create a culture of innovation by imparting within the students essential qualities utilising all the resources within their environment. We vouch for our inclusiveness through our teaching pedagogies, scholarships, artistic and design practices. The reason for our subsistence is the creation of next generation designers and architects. In addition to this, our focus is on developing within the students practical skills which are required for the formulation of solutions to some of the global issues in architecture. We also focus on nurturing the interpersonal skills of the students to handle the various inter-cultural landscapes, bureaucrats, amongst other parties within the social context. Our unique focus on research also centres on developing the students’ abilities in data compilation and research analysis – both quantitative and qualitative. Therefore, our focus is on the overall development of the students to have a highly effective architecture human resource for the betterment of the society.

Prof. Bhagyajit Raval

What Students Say

Parul University always vouches for its vibrancy. It was no different when it came to placements. I really admire the placement process, because the T&P cell worked very hard to get me placed at one of the best firms I always aspired to work at.

Disha Patel

I personally appreciate the overall learning process which the Faculty of Architecture facilitates with the efforts of the highly trained teachers, the wonderful events & activities organised by the University.

Divyesh Gujar

The Faculty of Architecture has always rendered to provide world class education and research. Along with this, it has always encouraged its students to participate in co-curricular events by hosting various Architecture Expos where we got to display our various project works.

Fuzel Siddiqui

It was a half-hearted decision to choose architecture over design. But soon after joining the architecture program in PU, I felt like it was the right choice. The ultra-modern labs, experienced professors, class mates from all across the nation and world, also the lively campus made me fall in love with architecture.

Himadri Pandey

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