Our design education has been designed in such a way that inspires every student to rise to their creative potential and express their artistry. The program has been uniquely designed in such a way that relates to every student’s unique creativity, in an inspiration filled design space. We are one of the best design colleges in Gujarat, India, where we aim to bring about a revolution in design education and transform students into their best creative and artistic versions.

What Makes Our Design Program Unique

Parul Institute of Design, design colleges in gujarat

Faculties from Renowned NITFs & NIDs

For every aspiring design, Parul Institute of design offers a unique exposure to entrepreneurship in the creative design space.

Leading Infrastructure

PID is a spectacle to behold. It is filled with wall paintings, sculptures, think pieces, murals, etc., that encapsulate the beauty of various design elements

Equipment & Technology

PID has a plethora of labs and classrooms filled with the latest equipment and technology required to furnish a career in design.

Entrepreneurship Support

For every aspiring design, Parul Institute of design offers a unique exposure to entrepreneurship in the creative design space.

We have a Unique Approach to Learning Design

Find Yours at PID

Design Expeditions

We take every design aspirant on a quest for finding and realising their creative potential

Field Visits

We make you a part of what you learn, with the most enriching field trips, that makes creativity an adventure

Design Mentorship

We provide you with the right mentors who act as your light of inspiration and guidance in your creative journey.



Diploma Course

The Faculty of Design offers a three-year diploma in a design program, which seeks to impart to the students the relevant and practical aspects of design and related fields. The program provides the students with the foundational understanding and the knowledge in this field which shapes them for their careers in design.

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Bachelor Course

The Faculty of Design offers a four-year bachelor's degree program which seeks to impart to the students the relevant and practical aspects relating to design and related fields. The program is uniquely customized to suit the creative elements of every student as a way of bringing out the creative and innovative design essence within them.

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Master Course

As a way of shaping within the students the much-needed knowledge and understanding, the Faculty of Design offers a 2-year master's program in design. This program deals with the understanding of design, production, and marketing, considering the global market.

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Explore What is Happening At PID

Vadodara Fashion Week

Vadodara Film & Design Festival

Design Studios

The University’s design studios act as centres of creativity and innovation which allow the students to explore their creative passion.


The workshops act as spaces for design and creative expression which allows the students to create and develop various objects and models.

Design Exhibitions

Leading national and global platforms where students showcase their creative skills and innovative abilities through a wide of creative possibilities.


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Spaces & Labs
Top Alumni Designers
Meet Our Teachers and Administrators

Our Expert Instructor

Ken Ferns

Celebrity Designer

Madhu Bhadnakar


Ruma Devi

Famous Traditional Handicraft Artisan


Awards & Achievements

Selection Process

The selection process is held in three stages


Design Aptitude Test (DAT)

Design Aptitude Test is an online/offline test conducted by the Parul Institute of Design to seek evidence of the attitude, aptitude, achievement, motivation and perception essential in a potential student of design.


Portfolio Round

After successful completion of DAT applicants need to submit their portfolios via the link provided to them.

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