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Efficient healthcare is the greatest need of the hour in today’s societies and communities around the globe. The Faculty of Paramedical & Health Sciences is dedicated towards the delivery of the finest quality of healthcare, through the acquisition of knowledge by providing a platform of constant training in healthcare practices. Currently, at the forefront of health care are the paramedical and specialisation experts, who ensure the wellbeing of the people. The Faculty does not only believe in the quantity, but goes a step further to we relying on the quality of the healthcare, along with the education provided. Our multispecialty teaching hospital provides the best platform for the practical exposure of students to ensure an extensive execution of knowledge which prepares them for their various career avenues. As the Faculty of Paramedical and Health Sciences we believe in imparting an enriching learning experience, which develops the expertise of the students in the areas of patient diagnostics, patient care, therapeutic, technical skills and interpersonal skills. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Paramedical & Health Sciences.

Why Study Paramedical and Health Sciences?

Paramedical and Health Sciences maintains a position of great significance in the healthcare chain, this is towards delivering the highest form of patient care as they are the first responders in the chain of medical treatments.

It is a skill-based course, hence it maintains a high level of validity which is not time bound, therefore guaranteeing the students the highest form of relevance through the timeline.

With the continuous evolution of medical sciences there is a great demand for individuals who are uniquely trained within the line of paramedical training as they offer the much-needed assistance in the medical process.

There are endless career opportunities for people who pursue this field of study, as they can join fields such as lab technologists, cardiologists and anesthesiologist amongst others.

What makes
PU Department of Paramedical and Health Sciences unique?

360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills
Extensive Practical Training through clinical programs and laboratory projects
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships
Unique focus on student placements, through campus drives and strategic industrial ties

Message from
the Dean

With the ever-growing scope of the health industry, there has risen various opportunities in the field of paramedical and health sciences for the students aspiring to grow and develop in this field. With technology spearheading this growth, there are now more dimensions for students to explore in pursuit of their career in paramedical sciences. I am more than delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Paramedical & Health Sciences where we have grown in the record of providing highly professional, diploma and B.Sc. programs. Our academic system along with the entire design of our curriculum is in such a way that meets the academic needs of the modern educational trends. Taking this profession is not merely a choice which an individual has to make, but rather it is a commitment to devote to a lifetime of service to the health care sector. For this reason, we particularly focus on training our students to be compassionate, caring and highly motivated towards rendering services to the people. I once again welcome you to the Faculty of Paramedical and Health Sciences. 

Dr. V. P. Hathila

What Students Say

I would like to thank my extremely caring and talented teachers for mentoring me during the whole program. They are the reason behind the successful completion of my course.

Uzair Patel

My experience at PU was very enriching and beyond my expectations! I was never short of opportunities here. I had access to everything and anything. Right from the college fests to workshops and my placement, I have cherished every bit of all this.

Aditi Patel

I was very anxious while choosing my grad program. My interest in biology, basic science and technology brought me to Parul University. Exposure to the state of art facilities here solidified my interest in the program. I am more than grateful and proud to complete my graduation from PU.

Aditya Mohite

When I reflect on the 3 years of my specialization course, I instantly get nostalgic. Despite being an international student, the faculties, staff and my fellow classmates made me feel at home. Throughout the course, I was helped and guided in the right direction. PU has given me the most rewarding experience.

Anivesh Dubey

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