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Faculty of Medicine

With the emergence of Universal Health Coverage, the medical sciences field has taken a position of great significnance as the driving factor behind making this a possibility. The Faculty of Medical Sciences & Research provides a unique learning platform for nurturing and developing the medical knowledge of the students so as to ensure the welfare of humanity and ensure the health coverage for all. We have committed our efforts towards producing the most effective human resources with the medical competencies which go on to drive medical breakthroughs in the various fields of health sciences. As a way of developing the practical skills and knowledge of the students, the faculty is equipped with a multi specialty teaching hospital which serves the purpose of imparting within the students the revelent practical skills and knowledge. The students are also exposed to insights and guidance from doctors and medical experts who shape their understanding in preparation of their career in healthcare. With our well-equipped laboratories, the Faculty of Medicine has become one of the most cutting-edge centres for research and development. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Medicine.


To develop scientifically equipped specialists in medical and allied healthcare services
through an excellent institution offering UG, PG and Doctoral degrees


To establish a Centre of Excellence in medical education consistent with the present day
developments in healthcare at affordable costs

Why Study Medicine?

The World Health Organization’s move towards Universal Health Care has created a great demand for health practitioners not only in India but across the world, thus a medical degree has a lifelong relevance in today's society.

Medicine is more than just a profession, it is a noble service rendered to humanity. It is the only profession in the world, which allows students to gain practical understanding coupled with the highest level of career satisfaction upon the completion of the program.

With the emergence of technology, there is a wide spectrum of breakthroughs and advancements in medical sciences thus providing wide avenues of exploring the various developments in medicine.

Career opportunities for a medical practitioner are guaranteed, with the highest form of demand for medical professionals and lucrative packages for student graduates, in fields such as Nephrology, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Anaesthesiology, Organ Transplant, Endocrine and General Surgery amongst others.

What makes
PU Faculty of Medicine unique?

Highest level of International Exposure with exchange programs with students and professionals from across the world.
A state-of-the-art multi-speciality teaching hospital, providing students with highest level of practical exposure.
An Intensive culture for medical research with guidance from an elite league of medical experts and professors.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.

Message from
the Dean

I believe the ultimate goal of every medical institution goes beyond imparting education alone, as it acts as a vehicle to serve humanity. As the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, the role which we play in today's society is to motivate and inspire our students to take up this noble profession that seeks to ensure the well-being and welfare of humanity. It is not only the role of teaching but it is also the service of shaping and nurturing minds we are ready to depute for service. The elite experts who make up this faculty go on to play the pivotal role of guiding the students towards the path of knowledge. I believe that a strong research culture is the first step towards medical innovation, therefore we continuously engage our students in real-time research so as to seek solutions which provide the highest form of medical benefit. Another significant aspect which our students get to learn through this academic venture, is the unique ability to develop an attachment towards the people and society as whole. We engage our students in a series of community programs and welfare initiatives which nurture within them the heart of service. I welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Jagdish T. Gohil

What Students Say

Parul University has remained etched in my memory because it has been exceptionally good in encouraging me to participate in both academic as well as non-academic events. This has provided me a 360-degree development.

Kinjal Popat

We medical students have to study a lot. Considering our hectic routine, the University has designed a special library for us, where we can study, rest and also refresh ourselves with certain activities. The library is equipped with all the books, e books, high speed Wi-Fi, comfortable resting chairs, coffee machine and much more. This student friendly environment enabled me and my friends to study collectively.

Monterio Albino Nhacassa

I had teachers who always passed us constructive criticism, which not only kept us grounded, but also kept pushing us to get better each time. This is helping us solve cases independently.

Naitri Chauhan

Our institute has its own hospital which has many multi-specialty departments. Hands on sessions during hospital timings had provided us an in depth knowledge to context which was in fact out of our curriculum. Extra knowledge like this kept getting accumulated each year, and gave an upper hand at work.

Rahul Joshi

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