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Department of Aviation Management

With the growing scope of globalisation, the aviation industry has found a place of great significance with the growing need for bridging geographic boundaries through efficient modes of travelling. To meet this demand, the Faculty of Aviation Management offers the most versatile and comprehensive understanding which equips students to embrace the knowledge and expertise of aviation safety, security, in-flight services and first aid. The Faculty endevours to provide the students of aviation with a enriching practical training with indepth knowledge and insights in the managing of aviation. The curriculum of the Aviation Management programs has been strategically designed in a student centric manner which goes on to meet the demands of the industry, allowing student to navigate the scope of this with a global understanding of contemparary and future trends. To cater for the hands on training, the Faculty has been equipped with a “Mock Aircraft”  which provides an all in one simulation of the real-time aircraft, allowing students to conduct “Mock Drills” complimentary to their theoretical learning. The Faculty of Aviation Management seeks to impart in every student a unique set of administrative, logical and specialized abilities to sustain their idiosyncrasies, expert morals ettiquecies, personality development, interpersonal skills and interview skills, alongside hands-on training through which students get a revelation to a myriad of traits  essential for Aviation industry. Let your career get a stepping stone towards an enriching journey through the Faculty of Aviation.

Why Study Aviation Management?

The Indian Aviation industry has created by over 20% throughout the latest two years that is most likely going to fill in a twofold digit at an improvement rate with quick increment for employment, opening up opportunities like Air Hostess, Cabin Crew, Passenger Handling, Customer Service, Lounge Executive, Airport Security, Air Fares & Ticketing.

India has become the third largest domestic aviation market in the world through a report by the IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation). With the always expanding employment for the Aviation, it is tremendously spreading its wings making a large number of experts around the world with a persona to be significant and elite.

With the dawn of technology, students to pursue this course have stupendous possibilities of getting chosen in aviation, as the industry requires skilled and acquainted professionals, giving a hike to their career at an early age.

The diligent development of the travel industry has prompted a huge extension in the Aviation sector. It is more than just a career that is rendered by the individuals for their growth that acquires effective interpersonal skills and communicative abilities and open capacities.

What makes
PU Department of Aviation Management unique?

The Faculty of Aviation Management is equipped with top notch faculties who provide the most comprehensive exposure.
The numerous global ties and collaborations provide students with endless opportunities to explore the field of aviation
The Faculty is constantly being equipped with facilities for practical training including a (simulation aircraft).
Insights from experts in the aviation industries along with personalities who give students an inspiration filled experience.

Message from
the Dean

Emerging from the field of Aviation with more than 14 years of expertise as a cabin crew and ground staff, flight attendant with diverse domestic and international airlines, got me ample room to explore diverse countries and landscapes gaining an indepth experience in the field of Aviation. Procuring to work in first class, elite class and economy class alongside handling thousands of passengers by taking sheer care of their safety, security and service, giving the best possible way of comfort. My goal is to impart within every student an enriching understanding of the field of aviation and enlighten them with an indepth understanding of the aviation industry. I believe within every student lies a unique ability to develop an understanding of the numerous global dynamisms. Our academic practices have been designed keeping in mind the specific individual needs of every student, thus with such a vast pool of experience I believe we can provide every student with the quintessential knowledge of this field along with the highest form of personality development. I welcome all my prospective students to venture towards this enriching learning journey on path of aviation excellence.

Mr. Anand Gill 

What Students Say

I always searched for a University, that would provide me with the best academic experience, while at the same time offer me with a platform to express my passion for creativity. Being in Parul University gave me just that, I got to pursue the best applied science education, while at the same time follow my passion in music and drama. I will always be grateful for this learning experience which focused on my overall growth.

Khyati Mishra

I have always wanted to explore the depth of physiotherapy, and studying at Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College provided the exposure which i required to develop an expertise in this field. I am confident with such a training, i will get to have the best learning experience which will allow me to best serve in the community

Aditi Patel

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