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Faculty of Design

The Faculty of Design is the birthplace of creativity coupled with innovation that is pleasing to the eye and enriches the mind. The 21st century with the emergence of technological innovation has become more design centred, objects and utilities are not only being made, but they are being designed, not only to be useful, but to also be aesthetically pleasing. The reality of this career path explores endless talent and craftsmanship with a hint of imagination. The Faculty of Design provides students with an atmosphere which enhances their creative elements in the areas of sculpture, fashion, graphic and interior design. The diligence behind developing something aesthetically appealing, keeping in mind the continuous changing trends is vigorous. The Faculty of Design aims to keep the students upbeat about the latest trends by igniting their minds. It has seven distinguished courses along with four certificate courses- fashion design, interior design, product design, visual communication and all of these are uniquely made to suit the academic needs of every student.

Why Study Design?

Design is the cornerstone of our modern society, it is the instrument for ensuring new innovative ideas and creations for human utility.

In this highly industrial era, the advent of technological inventions has brought about a great demand in the understanding of the ever-changing platforms and methods of designing.

The creative industry has been continuously growing and evolving opening up new channels of opportunities for design experts, thus pursuing this degree guarantees relevance in the professional circle.

Design is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, and this degree provides students with an exposure to the fundamentals of design in areas such as fashion design, sculpture, interior design and graphic design amongst others.

What makes
PU Faculty of Design unique?

Extensive Practical Training through exhibitions and studio sessions.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.
Enriching global exposure through exchange programs and strategic partnerships.
Insights from design experts and renowned personalities through seminars and conferences.

Message from
the Dean

I firmly believe, design is simply thinking made visible. If we look back at the continuous changing trends of the society, we can realize that design keeps evolving continuously, so no two days are the same. The only way to cope up with these dynamic changes is to educate the prospective students according to the latest academic model. At Faculty of Design, our focus is towards encouraging the students from all the distinctive courses towards creativity and innovation. The faculty plays an active role in providing a hands on experience and industrial exposure to make the students competitive enough, before they face the real world market. We go on to expose our students to some of the experts in the field, who go on to provide our students with an insightful knowledge and understanding. As the Dean of Faculty of Design, I welcome each and everyone of you to this ever evolving space of creative innovation.

Prof. Prabhas C Pandey

What Students Say

From the very first day, I had an outstanding experience studying at PU Faculty of Architecture. Since, the university had a limited intake, it got easier for me as well as others to interact properly in class, understand the concepts and have more one to one interaction with the professors.

Aditi Patel

Choosing Parul University for my graduation was never a tough choice. My time spent here was beyond textbooks and I cherish every moment spent here.

Aditya Mohite

I am a person who aspires to have my own couture and a label. With the impeccable support, knowledge and skills that I’ve acquired throughout the course, I am confident, my dreams will come true.

Anivesh Dubey

The faculty is just not limited to imparting creative skills, but it has also given us a hands-on experience of this industry. We had the opportunity to participate in numerous events taking our excellence to the next level.

Dhruvi Kapadiya

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