About Bachelor of Law (LLB)

The Bachelor of Law program produces and develops capable individuals who are nurtured in the art of justice delivery and who apply the principles of law for the welfare of the society. The Faculty of Law endeavours to provide the fundamental understanding of legal education by equipping students with the relevant skillsets and abilities which are vital for ensuring the prevalence of law and order within the nation. For students to pursue this three year unitary program, they need to have pursued a graduation in any of the related fields of study. The program is strategically designed to impart within the students a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical philosophies of law. As part of the curriculum, this program exposes students to various forms of practical training exercises such as moot court competitions, parliamentary debates, drafting, and legal aid clinics. The curriculum explores subjects such as jurisprudence and legal theory, law of torts, constitutional law, criminal procedure code and civil procedure code amongst others. The program is conducted by highly trained and skilled faculties as well as expert legal resources who train students on the fundamentals of legal education in preparation of their careers as legal practitioners.


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Bachelor of Law (LLB)Program Outcomes

Why Study Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Legal education maintains a position and a place of great social significance in our lives today as an instrument of enforcing and delivering justice. The field of law has a great demand for individuals who are experts in the understanding of the fundamentals of law and legal education. The program goes on to develop within the students vital leadership skills which allows the students to effectively navigate the various streams of the private or public service sectors. Upon the completion of the program, students can pursue their careers in the various roles such as:


An ability to develop effective leadership skills and abilities which are vital towards fully executing the various legal obligations.


An ability to understand the sensitive matters of law and justice, and to affectively pursue them for the delivery of justice.

Company Secretary

Company Secretary

The ability to develop the base understanding of legal education, and to develop ethics and principles required for law.

Attorney General

The ability to strategically formulate legal and social solutions, and to execute these solutions for the betterment of the society.

Attorney General
Public Prosecutor

Public Prosecutor

An ability to develop interpersonal skills and communication skills which are required for client counselling and effectively delivering legal solutions.

Duration: 3 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate shall have Completed Graduation from recognized university with:


Mode of Admission

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Bachelor of Law (LLB) feesFees


Bachelor of Law (LLB)

₹ 30,000 /- Annually*

* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

Bachelor of Law (LLB) CurriculumCurriculum

Law of Torts including Motor Vehicle Act & Consumer Protection Act

Special Contracts

Constitutional Law - I

Constitutional Law-II

Law of Contract-I

Property Law

Law of Crime - I (Indian Penal Code)

Interpretation of Statute

English Literature & Legal Language

Human Rights & Practices



Family Law-II

Family Law-I

Labour & Industrial Law -II

Labour & Industrial Law -I

Banking Law & Insurance

Company Law

Intellectual Property Law

Administrative Law

Public International Law


Law of Crime-II [Criminal Procedure Code]

Forensic Science & Law

Law Of Evidence

Clinical Paper-I(Drafting & Pleading )

Civil Procedure Code

Clinical Paper II ( Professional Ethics)

Environmental Law

Clinical Paper III (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Principles of Taxation Law

Clinical Paper IV (Moot Court etc)


Bachelor of Law (LLB) Curriculum Centres of Legal Excellence


Moot Court

As a way of developing and nurturing the practical hands on training of the students, the Faculty of Law is equipped with a state of the art Moot Court, which replicates the Supreme Court setting.


Legal Aid Clinic

Due to its social orientation, the Faculty of Law has a designated legal clinic which serves a social cause by taking up legal cases pro bono for the development of the underprivileged classes.


Sessions with High Court & Supreme Judges

The Faculty of Law provides regular sessions with sitting and retired High Court and Supreme Court Judges, who get to provide students with insightful legal knowledge which shapes their career.

Bachelor of Law (LLB) CurriculumActivities

State Level Moot Court Competition

The faculty of law organised its annual State Level Moot Court Competition which was a platform for students to express their legal understanding before expert judges and lawyers from various areas. The event was graced by Retired Senior High Court justice C. K. Buch, who shared his lifetime experience with the students and enlightened them towards the expectation of a legal career.

Parliamentary Debate

The Faculty of Law in commemoration of National Youth Day, organised a Parliamentary debate which acted as a platform for students to express their youthful ideas and policy related solutions for the betterment of the society on various levels. The platform also allowed students to express their knowledge and understanding of the contemporary current affair issues in the political, social and economic spheres.

High Court Visit

As a way of enhancing the practical understanding of the students, the Faculty of Law organised a visit to the High Court which was designed to provide the students with the vital practical legal knowledge which is needed for their career in law. The students got the chance to interact with the Judges and actively engage in live court proceedings, thus shaping their real time knowledge.

Supreme Court Judge Guest Lecture

As a way of honouring the significance and the value of women, the Faculty of Law organised a Guest lecture by Hon. Justice C K Thakker, retired Supreme Court judge who taught the students regarding the various gender dimensions. He also went on to narrate his experiences and contributions in terms of women related judgement, and how the issue of gender disparities was of vital importance to the scope of India.