Advancing Social Welfare

Promoting Women Empowerment

Developing Career Competencies

About Women Development Cell

The move towards women empowerment and the growing scope of gender based legislation, has created a great demand for creating platforms for advocating equal opportunities within the professional circle. The Women Development Cell is one such platform, internally run within the University, to look into the welfare and well-being of the female students and faculties. The purpose of the cell goes beyond welfare, as it goes on to act as a platform for nurturing and developing the women’s professional competences, thus equipping them with the vital skill sets required for them to effectively explore their endless career potential. The ever changing trends in technology and innovation has been revolutionizing the workplace ecosystems, therefore the Career Development Cell facilitates an array of development oriented workshops, seminars and conferences. Join us in this journey towards empowering women.

Internal Complaints Committee
Sexual Harassment of Women & Workplace Act

A Culture of Equality

Pillars for Women

Career Development

Our commitment is towards ensuring that women are presented with opportunities for developing their career based skillsets as a way of keeping up with the ever-changing trends of technology and innovation. To further this commitment, we facilitate the creation of platforms which strive to equip women with the technical and professional competences necessary to excel in this modern industrial world.

Awareness: The Starting Point to Every Solution

We believe that awareness raised on a social concern, is a solution half made. In line with this belief, our efforts have been committed towards organising various community awareness programs, which have been centred on various gender related issues. These campaigns also include programs for the health, welfare and social well-being of women, in the surrounding societies of India.

Our Committee

As a way to support the women who constitute the various spheres of the University, we have setup a WDC Committee. Our committee is composed of a representative group of women, who constitute the various designations in the field of education. From the administrators and faculties to the students, all coming together with the common consensus of ensuring the welfare and development of women within the PU community.

Social Service Oriented

Our heart is the society, it is the source that fuels the purpose behind every social initiative which is organised under our banner. We organize several charity programs along with awareness in the nearby communities. These welfare programs are made with the purpose of alleviating and ensuring the well-being of the women by empowering the girl child within the community. On regular occasions events and programs which are organised to provide essential practical skills which will ensure the safety of women within the society.