Bridging the Knowledge Gap Through Digital platforms

With the growing trends in digital technology, the international relations cell has taken an innovative approach to higher education by incorporating virtual exchange programs. The programs are designed to act as a common platform for learning and knowledge sharing for the students and faculties across the world. The cell organises a series of virtual programs across various digital learning platforms. Through such programs the students and faculties and experts share their insights in the various fields of the academia with a global standard. These platforms bring together various global experts and resources persons through the most convenient channels of learning.

Why Take Part In Virtual Programs

  • Know the world before you travel
  • Convenient Methods of Learning
  • Boundless Exposure to Experts

Blended Classrooms

Our blended classrooms create the ideal platforms for learning and acquiring knowledge with a global perspective. These have provided opportunities for students and faculties from Universities across the world to align their curriculums and conduct various lecture series in joint classrooms. Beyond the scope of the academics, such classrooms have allowed for cross cultural sharing which has further further enhanced the corporation and collaboration amongst students of diverse cultural and academic backgrounds.

Global Internship Program

Beyond the scope of the academia, the International Relations Cell has been working towards developing within the students an understanding for various career avenues. Students have been receiving these learning opportunities so that that they can develop their understanding which is inline with the global trends in careers.

Our Virtual Programs