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Helping You Reach Out For Your Academic Dreams

We are here to help you make your endless dreams of studying across the world into a living reality. Through our effective networks and expertise, we align you with the best learning destinations across the world in the various fields of Medical Sciences, Engineering Technology, Business Management, Social Sciences, Fine Arts Amongst Others.
  • Developing A Unique Worldview
  • Enriching Academic Destinations
  • Global Learning Opportunities

What We Do

The study abroad desk of the International Relations Cell seeks to provide students with endless opportunities across the globe. The desk aligns the academic dreams of students with various potential Universities across the world, where students can explore full time and pathway programs. The study abroad desk is a one stop centre which seeks to provide students with all the required global learning solutions, from the academic counselling to the final admission processes. The desk acts as a centre for student counselling from highly trained experts, who provide all the comprehensive solutions for learning abroad. The University has created avenues of corporation with some of the leading Universities across the world, and through these, students get to receive learning opportunities across multiple fields. The IRC Study Abroad desk goes on to provided complementary services to the students which include, IELTS couching and language training, along with the application and processing of necessary immigration documents.

Why The University Should Take You Abroad?

We Do Not Just Point Where, We Take You There!

With our in-depth expertise in the fields of education, and our wide range of understanding in the dynamics of higher education, we provide you with the best guidance not only of the ideal country or University, but also of the career to pursue. Through our collaborations with other leading Universities worldwide, we help you identify the best learning destination which secures your future.

Buiding You Towards Your Career Path

The Best Universities To Choose From

Exposure to Global Education & Academic Experts

Pathway Programs

Begin Your Studies with Parul University, and complete your academics with any Country of your choice. Through our pathway programs, we have coined the best learning opportunities which are designed to specifically provide students with the most engaging and worthwhile opportunities. Through our pathway programs you get to study a part of your course in PU, and complete the other part of your years in any University abroad. These programs have been specially designed to cater for the specific needs of students which meets their needs while studying in India, and pursing their studies abroad.


  • Free Counselling

    We provide you with free counselling sessions which will allow you to make the best well informed choice for further studies.

  • Visa Application

    Our experts take you through the preparation for visa application along with the processing of required documentations

  • University Alignment

    We align your learning and academic dreams with the best University prospects, which meet all your academic needs.

  • Language Coaching

    To ensure that you get to have the most comfortable stay in your new learning destination, we language coaching

  • Pre-Departure Orientation

    Before your departure, we provide you with the much needed guidance regarding your next academic destination

Choose Your Next Study Destination


Canada is the second world’s largest country, with a highly diversified population and a unique culture of inclusiveness and diversity creating the atmosphere for both living and studying. Education in Canada is maintains a high global reputation due to its high quality standards of learning with the most affordable fees. Beyond the learning scenario, Canada provides students with endless opportunities to explore, upon the completion of their studies.

  • Affordable Tuition Fees
  • Post-Studies Work Opportunities
  • Safe Destination for Living
  • Globally Recognised Universities
  • High Standard of Quality Education



Pursuing your studies in one of the world’s largest economic giants, with the top innovators and industry leaders sets every student on a position of advantage. Being a nation of diversified groups of people, USA has become the epicentre of global education, equipping the students with necessary skills and training required to shape their academic path. The country has some of the world’s renowned Universities which rank on the top worldwide, thus with such an academic heritage and America degree places the students on a position of advantage. The

  • A Leading Global Economy
  • Lucrative Job Opportunities During & Post Studies
  • A Diversity of Nationalities and Backgrounds
  • World’s Leading Universities & Institutions
  • Globally Recognised Academic Qualifications



Australia, is a continent country with the third highest number of international students who are pursuing their studies. A blend of 30 cities which provide one the highest standards of living, with an affordable cost of living, and some of the world’s top destinations of education. Seven of the Universities in Australia, are amongst the top 100 Universities across the world due to its government established, Quality Training Framework. The country maintains a culture of embracing numerous ethnics and cultural groups of the world, making it one of the most welcoming learning destination for students who wish to study abroad.

  • A Safe And Welcoming Atmosphere
  • A High Quality Way Of Life
  • Affordable Academic Opportunities
  • Globally Recognised Universities
  • World’s Top Learning Destination



The United Kingdom stands as one of the world’s global leaders, composed of four countries (England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland) which make up the Kingdom. The UK has uniquely cultivated a culture of academic excellence, with the most respected academic authorities which have shaped the knowledge of the world. 82% of the students who studies in the UK have chosen to retain their studies, and pursued their post graduation. One of the main advantages which UK provides is the nature of its diverse learning institutions. With so many Universities to choose from, students have a wide range of options, for the Universities which best meet their academic needs in regards to cost, quality and student welfare.

  • Globally Respected Academic Authorities
  • A Quality Standard Of Living
  • High Work and Job Opportunities
  • Wide Range Of University Options
  • Quality Education With A High Return Of Investment


Why Go Global

Reasons to study abroad

The worldly has been gradually turning into a global village, and this village has brought along endless opportunities for students in various academic and professional avenues. With such learning opportunities, learning abroad has become an inevitable part of every student’s journey the field of higher education. With such endless possibilities, the reasons for choosing to study have also been endless. But, if you wish to study abroad, Here Is Why You Should Study Abroad:

Get To Create Lifetime Memories

With new landscapes comes an opportunity for you to create new and exciting opportunities which will allow you to create a lifetime of memories.

Opportunities for a Global Exposure

Get to develop a unique exposure of the world, and learn all the latest trends in academics, career and the technological fields.

Increase Your Chances of Employment

Stand on a career vantage point with unique skillsets and training which puts in the sight of employers around the world.

Gain A Global Perspective

Studying abroad will allow you to sharpen your mind, and shape your way of seeing the world with a unique ability to communicate and appreciate the world’s varieties.

Build A Network From Around The World

Get to establish a strong and strategic network by making relations and making and building relations with people from various backgrounds.

Embrace New Cultures

Dive into the world of new cultures and experience the adventures of a world of learning beyond your academics into the various lifestyles.


Linguistics Study Center (LSC) is dedicated and committed towards coaching learners to learn functional language skills like Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary. The LSC collaborates with the Study Abroad Desk to provide global learning prospective students with effective coaching in IELTS, French and German language through experts and a digitally equipped language lab where students get the maximum exposure to learning with audio-video support.

Success Stories


Our Studying Abroad Students Speak

  • Testimonial
    Karan Nanda

    One of my greatest concern was towards my career prospects, and the job I would pursue after my studies. However, all my concerns were resolved when I received the necessary professional training and grooming from the PU Training and placement cell. Parul University's focus on placements is indeed unique. I truly appreciate the opportunities which they facilitated, thus leading me to my dream job.

  • Testimonial
    Khyati Mishra

    I always searched for a University, that would provide me with the best academic experience, while at the same time offer me with a platform to express my passion for creativity. Being in Parul University gave me just that, I got to pursue the best applied science education, while at the same time follow my passion in music and drama. I will always be grateful for this learning experience which focused on my overall growth.

  • Testimonial
    Aditi Patel

    I have always wanted to explore the depth of physiotherapy, and studying at Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College provided the exposure which i required to develop an expertise in this field. I am confident with such a training, i will get to have the best learning experience which will allow me to best serve in the community