Our Copyrights

Enhancing the academic knowledge bank through leading publications and research studies

The intellectual creation of the human mind require protection, and as the Centre of Research for Development, we prioritise publications and intellectual material which ensures substantive academic value. Our faculties and students have been developing and publishing books and publications which have received the mark of a copyright. These materials have brought substantial value and have contributed to the academic knowledge bank. Annually, our efforts are dedicated towards providing the much needed support for such publications in the numerous streams of humanities, applied sciences, engineering, medicine and pharmacy.

The researchers and authors of the University have been engaged in numerous research projects and publications which have led humanity to new found knowledge and solutions.

Our Patents

Patents fundamentally safeguard our inventions, products or processes and encourage our faculties and students to continue in their research and innovation efforts. The Centre of Research for Development has over the years ensured in providing our innovator students and faculties with proper guidance and assistance needed in the filing and registration of a patent. Our research endeavors have resulted in the development of novel patents applied and published. Throughout the year we encourage and support faculties who desire to conduct research innovation in the various streams of Science and Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Applied Sciences amongst others. Such patents have been able to provide the most effective and essential solutions to the scope of society and social development.

Published and Applied Patents

The innovators of the University have been developing novel innovations which have been providing the most effect solutions with a high utility for humanity.

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