Ensuring The Integrity of the research process

Ethics stands at the hallmark of our research endeavours as a way of ensuring the highest form of credibility within the research process. The committee seeks to ensure the integrity of the subjects which are involved in the research process. Through the ethical committee, the relevance of the research is also tested to ensure that the research is in touch with the contemporary trends in world. The efficacy of the projects is also ensured through the approval of the ethical committee from the research proposal to the final research project. The University’s centre of research for development’s ethical committee is composed of experts from numerous field and disciplines who go on to provide every student with the necessary guidance and insights which is required to ethically develop the framework of their research projects.



For research purposes, the Centre of Research for Development operates a total of three animal houses which provide the highest convenience for the researchers. The centre provides fully air-conditioned facilities in its Central Animal Facility for experiments and laboratory practices in accordance with the principles of good laboratory practices and CPCSEA guidelines of the Government of India. Further, it facilitates research and development in partnership with academic institutions, industries and funding agencies for drug discovery-cum-validation and devices of translational medical research. The Centre is also involved in skilled manpower development through education and training in laboratory animal care and experimental techniques.IAEC oversees the University's animal care and use program and is responsible for reviewing Form-B, Form-C and Form-D ensuring adherence to CPCSEA guidelines / SOPs, inspecting animal facilities and upholding CEFT's commitment.

Research on Human
Research - Ethical Committee

The Centre of Research for Development seeks to provide the highest form of ethical research practices which complies with the set regulatory measures and standard operating procedures. The Parul University Institutional Ethics Committee for Human Research (PU-IECHR) of Parul is multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial in composition and seeks to ensure the highest form of ethical standards and considerations in research practices.


Kindly fill in and submit the for application form for presenting a human study to the ethical committee.