Indian Summer Schools

Any bright and diligent student pursuing a professional degree strives to do well at University/Institution of Higher Education, but sometimes it becomes difficult to know what should he/she do to set herself/his self apart from the crowd. Be it India, US, Germany, Japan or any part of the world so to say.

The value of a Summer/Winter Schools hence isn’t limited to its benefits to ones University Assignments and Social Life; it also has positive repercussions on your career.

This is especially true of the competitive world of pursuing higher studies when you’re competing with numerous other students with similar backgrounds. To gain an edge in this ‘converging’ world attending International Summer Schools is an integral part of developing a global professional mindset.

Summer/Winter schools help students when overseas to develop their academic & professional vocabulary to help support them in writing essays/projects and theses.  Moreover, students equally gain excellent exposure as they take a degree/certificate in a subject they’ve not studied before.

Summer/Winter Schools also enable not just students but Institutions as well to pursue their strategic institutional interests in a particular region/centre of professional.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to attend a Summer/Winter school – some may simply want something to remain engaged over a long summer/winter break while some may really be intrigued to learn about a new culture, country & its people.

Addressing these modern global academic needs of budding professionals of tomorrow, Parul University organizes International Summer Schools for four to eight weeks for its partner Universities-Colleges during February every year, and in June year 2016 onwards.

Visiting students have a comprehensive experience package of classroom learning with Credit transfers, industry visits, and excursions to historical places, relishing diverse Indian cuisines of North, South, East and West regions is no exception! Visiting Professors-Staff engage with Parul students & staff to gain an alternate perspective to teaching, training & academic culture of India.

Similarly students from Parul Campus as well actively participate in Study Tours and Summer Schools at partner Universities-Colleges in Europe, North America and South East Asia – gaining international exposure – here too they get necessary Credit transfers, excursions to places of interest and equally enjoying local delicacies! Parul Campus Professors visiting partner Universities engage with their students & diverse staff to gain alternate perspectives to teaching, training & academic culture outside India.

Since 2012 with 10+ International partner Universities-Colleges PU has bilaterally exchanged more than 400 students & Staff(accompanying) of various academic disciplines with Summer Schools having a principal share of students’ participation.

PU targets to host 100 foreign students in 2017 Summer School February 2017 onwards. We invite you/your University students & staff to be with us. We are vibrant, we are alive, we are progressive; we invite you to be part of this vibrant International Academic extravaganza!

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For Department/Faculty/Institution specific query approach any of our International Relations Officers

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Humber College, Canada & University of Transport Technology, Vietnam

Seventeen Students from Humber College(Canada) and University of Transport Technology Hanoi(Vietnam) are at Parul University Campus 3rd June ’16 onwards for 4 weeks’ and 8weeks’ Indian Summer School/s(ISS), students from both education institutions will study ‘Indian Culture & Traditions’ and ‘International Business Management’, followed by an in depth ‘English Language Training’ programme esp. for students from Vietnam.
These students are at PU campus as part of their Exchange-Academic intitiatives as mutually agreed in respective MoUs.

This event was graced by presence of Hon. Mr. Tran Quang Tuyen, Minister & Deputy Chief of Mission of S. R. of Vietnam in India who fondly recollected India-Vietnam relations and encouraged similar academic intiatives like ISS.