Expert Lectures

Parul University is renowned for providing opportunities to develop skills and aptitudes among the students to meet the industrial needs. Keeping this in vision, Parul institute of Pharmacy & Research (PIPR) has been arranging at least one expert lecture every month for graduate and post graduate students in our institute.

Renowned experts from various academia like The MS University, Vadodara, Ramanbhai Patel Pharmacy College, Changa, LMCP, Ahmedabad, National lnstitute of nutrition and industrieslike GLPL, Vadodara, medistream Biotech PvtLtd.Vadodara, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Alembic Pharma Ltd., IPCA Laboratories, Emcure Pharmaceuticals., SunPharma Advanced Research Cener, Zydus research centre, Sanofi Aventis, Ankleshwar, Oxygen research Pvt Ltd. are invited for expert lectures.

Expert Lecture on Bhay Mukht Jivan Vayaktitva Vikas

An eminent motivational speaker and life skills coach, Sanjay Raval addressed Parul University in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy. He talked about achievement of success in life, importance of Parents, Teachers and Super Natural Powers through his own real life experiences. Mr. Raval referred to the students and faculty members of Pharmacy Department and inspired them to work hard and focus on learning as a constant process. He emphasized on not to expect, and learn to admit one’s own faults for a serene life.

Expert Lecture on Parenteral Products

Mr. Amit Patel, Sr. scientist, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd., Ahmedabad has delivered his expert talk on “Parenteral Products”. He has emphasized on various techniques and terminology for different areas of parenteral including media field testing, maintenance of aseptic conditions in industry, isolation and barrier technology for sterility testing in his talk to the 7th semester B. Pharm. students.