CME,Conference, Academic Activity conducted

The following seminars have been organized at Parul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research during 2014 & 2015 which are aimed at enhancement of clinical and professional knowledge building of the teaching staff members of the institute.

1 Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Dr. Krunal Gajjar, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine 14th May, 2015
2 Meckel’s Diverticulitis Dr.Arpan Shah, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery 21st May, 2015
3 Intrapartum Management of Longitudinal Vaginal Septum Dr.Neha Nimbark, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology 28th May, 2015
4 Bardet Biedel Syndrome Dr.Kamna Gandhi, Sr. Resident, Department of Pediatrics 4th June, 2015
5 Arthroplasty Dr.Niranjan Tadvi, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedics 18th June, 2015
6 Otosclerosis Dr.K.K.Rathwala, Assistant Professor, Department of ENT 26th June, 2015
7 Technique and latest trends in Phacoemulsification Dr.Sumeru Raina, Sr. Resident, Department of Ophthalmology 3rd July, 2015
8 SJS- TEN Syndrome Dr.Pankil Patel, Sr. Resident, Department of Skin & VD 10th July, 2015
9 Thyroid Disorder of Pregnancy Dr.Noopur Nagar, Junior Resident, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 22nd July, 2015
10 Apheresis Dr.Darshana Patel, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology 24th July, 2015
11 Neonatal Anemia Dr.Asruti Kacha, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Paediatrics 29th July, 2015
12 Liver Lesion Dr.Raj Bumiya, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology 31st July, 2015
13 Basics of Knee Arthroscopy Dr.Ketas Mahajan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Orthopedics 5th August, 2015
14 Hospital Infection Control Dr.Vaidehi Mehta, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology 8th August, 2015
15 Diabetic Retinopathy Dr.Saudhan Desai, Senior Resident, Dept. of Ophtalmology 12th August, 2015
16 BLS Dr.Ripal Dey, Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology 14th August, 2015
17 Psycho Physiology of Psychosomatic Condition Dr.Avanish Dave, Professor & Head, Department of Physiology 21st August, 2015
18 Actinic Keratosis and Squamous cell carcinoma in a case of Renal transplant Dr.Ankit Bharti, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Skin & VD 26st August, 2015
19 Unusual Presentation of Sjogren’s Syndrome Dr.Krunal Gajjar, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine 28th August, 2015
20 Multiple Hydatid cyst Dr.Rushabh Somani, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery 4th September, 2015
21 Standard Blood Bank Practices & Blood Safety Faculty of Department of Pathology, Medicine & Pediatrics 7th September, 2015
22 Antimicrobial Resistance Dr.Soeb Jankhwala,Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology 16th September, 2015
23 Hemophagocytic Lympho Histiocystosis Dr.Asruti Kacha, Assistant Professor, Department of Peadiatrics 18th September, 2015
24 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Dr.Shivalika Gupta,Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anesthesia 23rd September, 2015
25 Contribution of Physiology in health lifestyles through simple yogic principles and method Dr.Kaushik Pandya,Pofessor, Department of Physiology 30th September, 2015
26 Pleomorphic Adenoma Dr.K.K.Rathwala, Assistant Professor, Department of ENT 3rd October, 2015
27 Chronic Otitis Media with Facial Nerve Palsy-A case report Dr.Priyank Mistry, Senior Resident, Dept. of ENT 7th October, 2015
28 Tacrolimus in Dermatology Dr.Ankit Bhatt, Assistant Professor, Department of Skin & VD 10th October, 2015
29 Serum Magnesium & Vitamin D levels as Indicators of Asthma Severity Dr.Nadeem Shaikh, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bio-Chemistry 14th October, 2015
30 Pott’s Spine Dr.H.L.Kubavat, Professor & Head, Department of Orthopedics 16th October, 2015
31 Medico Legal Issues in hospital Dr. Chetan Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of FM 30th October, 2015