Expert Lectures

Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-MBA realizes the importance of giving additional inputs to the students in the form of expert lectures in addition to academic knowledge being imparted during class room lectures. We have been arranging at least one guest lecture every month. We give utmost importance to practical exposure and interaction to its budding managers & engineers. For this, eminent speakers from the top industry are invited to impart best educational light and enlighten our students with their ideas and experiences they share with us. The fascinating lectures on various topics boost the confidence of new aspirants as the lectures end with motivating question and answer sessions. Distinguished guest lecturers speak on various important topics that would prove beneficial for them while choosing the right career paths.

Expert Lecture on The Journey Of Entrepreneurship

The session was conducted by Dilip Pandya: Founder & Chief Mentor, Transcend Biz Mentors full of enthusiastic response from students and interaction between Dilip Pandya (Speaker), students came to know about the following: What are the particular skills that managers require to turn into Entrepreneurship &  Management of business (& Life) –A difficult journey, the crisis, the solutions, how successful people like Lance Armstrong, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar managed, what their strategies were in their career. Similarly, he talked about some entrepreneurs like Ambani, Tata etc. to become successful we have to change our approach (shortcut approach).  He explained the importance of perseverance. What is the difference between managers and entrepreneurs? The speaker also talked about sources of finance and elements of a proposal to acquire the funds.

Expert Lecture on Effective Time Management

An expert session was conducted on Effective Time Management by Mr. Jaydeep Mirchandani CEO – Aspirations Unlimited. He encouraged students to develop & come out with new ideas & shared his journey of success. He talked about sources of finance and about the book Jugaad- A book on innovation.