Conferences and Seminars

“No candle loses its light while lighting another candle, In fact, by lighting more candles the brightness increases”.

Parul University is committed to provide platform for sharing and dissemination of knowledge. Conferences and Seminars are the best medium not only for learning from each other but also for networking with the members from legal field. It also provides opportunities to the researchers  to get guidance and suggestions for improvement in the area of their research.

We plan to organise a, “National Conference on Emerging Legal issues”  [NCLEI]-16  in this academic year. Further we would like to continue with this event every year.

In today’s, diversified economy, much organised business sectors are in powerful position to exploit consumers. The worst affected victims of business tactics are the consumers. These people need to be protected through consumer protection laws.

The main object of such laws is to eliminate the exploitation in order to curb unfair trade practices in society. To achieve these objectives it is imperative that laws are properly applied, implemented and society is aware of the existing laws for their benefit.  Despite of Modern technological advancements that have largely impacted on the quality, viability and safety of goods and services, the fact reveals that the consumers are yet victims of unscrupulous and exploitative practices. Above all, the information revolution has thrown newer kinds of challenges to the consumers like e-commerce, cybercrimes, plastic money, etc., which affect the consumer in even bigger way.

In this context, the best way to empower the consumers is to educate them and make them aware about their rights and obligations and these two days , “National Seminar on Marketing Globalisation and Consumer Protection”  intends to do the same. It will also provide students with in-depth understand of the law that they will study this year

National Seminar on “Empowerment of Women”

At a National Seminar on “Empowerment of Women: Efficacy and Implementation of Laws Relating to Property and Marriage”, organised by National Commission for Women and Yashwantrao Chavan Law College, Pune on 16th and 17the December, 2016, Dr. Kiran Gardner, Dean speaking on topic, “ Critical Review of Changing Trend Relating to Maintenance Under All Personal Laws”