Panel Discussion

Panel Discussions are the best format to impart new information to the students. This new information can be in the form of new ideas, different perspective on ideas or collective deliberation on improvement of ideas.  Students will be introduced to contemporary issues through Panel discussions where they would get an opportunity to understand the topic through different perspective and they would be able to interact with the panelist. Such exercises will train them for self expression and keep them at forefront with in-depth understanding of issues faced by our society.

Students will be trained to be moderators of the Panel Discussions and will include presentation by academicians, Practitioners, Policy makers, Judges, etc. Parul University, Faculty of Law, intends to conduct a Panel Discussion on the topic, “Career in Law” for the benefit of all the students who are in the process of making their career decision and also for those students who have decided to pursue legal profession. We will be inviting seven legal luminaries from different law fields like Litigation, Legal Department of Corporate House, Law Firms, Academics, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs), Non-Government Organization (NGO), Consultant, etc. We will tap the expertise of the legal personalities for the benefit of student community, so that, they are able to make reasoned and well informed professional choice.