Workshops are a very effective method of problem solving, issue resolution or getting consensus on a way forward. Business decisions or issue resolution can be achieved in a condensed time span, at lower cost and with a higher degree of expert involvement than by traditional methods. Particularly complex issues or political situation can be managed in the facilitated environment in a way that is simply not possible in the normal work situation.

Workshop on Information Security

The seminar on Information security was a great success. The Invited guest Mr. Dipak Rai, Ex-Vice President (IT) of Reliance Industries Pvt. Ltd. shared his knowledge with the students and the faculties. By delivering the knowledge on Information Security with full animation effect on a big screen, Mr. Dipak Rai encouraged all the students and created awareness of Information Security to the students. In present time the people are not that much aware of security and just using their information here and there. How can we make our information secure? Why we have to make our information secure? Where we have to make our information secure? These are the basic questions one should have. The main purpose of this seminar was to have answers of all the questions.

Workshop on Scope on Software Development

We invited a guest who had 10+ years of Industrial work experience. He shared his knowledge during this workshop. The workshop was for final year students of BCA. The emerging topics and technology and various topics discussed in detail. We discussed various technologies like Mobile Application Development on Microsoft Platform, Introduction to Bootstrap Technology. How to use Payment Gateways and other useful things related to Software Development. During this interactive workshop, many students have raised question for their future and they were answered by the expert. Practical were shown by the experts on c#, CSS, Mobile Application development, Java Scripts etc.