Industrial Visit

Industrial visits are very important to any student undergoing professional education. These kinds of initiatives provide quick learning and industrial exposure to the students. Civil Engineering Department has been organizing industrial visits on a regular basis. These visits have been organized for different semesters covering different subjects like Visit to water treatment and waste water treatment plants, “Visit” to construction sites of multi storey buildings, bridges, and malls have also been scheduled for different semester students. Technical visits to dams, weirs, barrages, railway staff colleges and more are organised at each semester level contributing to the subjects taught.

Tajpura Site at Halol

In the subject of Surveying for the students of 4th Semester, a field survey project was done at Tajpura Site at Halol, Vadodara. Ground Survey was done using the dolomite instrument. A contour map was prepared using all the information. The exercise itself evaluated the insight of surveying and students benefited a lot from this project work.

Panam Dam, Wanakbori

Industrial visit was conducted for the students of 8th semester at Panam Dam, Wanakbori. The students understood the construction and operation of dam. Different components of dam were shown to students. They visited drainage gallery. Different appurtenant structures like Spillway, Gates and Head Regulator were visited. Operation and maintenance of these structures were explained to students.