Faculty Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) aims at equipping faculties with skills and knowledge that are essential for inculcating diverse values in students and guiding and monitoring their progress towards career. The programme simply aims at developing the pedagogical and research skills of the participants.

FDP on  ‘Excellence in Teaching, Research & Knowledge Creation’

This FDP will be set with a vision of creating, extending and applying knowledge relevant to the advancement of excellence in teaching. Excellence in teaching is regarded as the overall way of working that balances student concerns and increases the probability of learning and long-term success. Equivalently to the development of theory are used to illustrate the development in research and to suggest directions.

FDP on  ‘Research Methodology and Use of SPSS in Research ‘

It is a most knotty to avoid the term ‘research’. The research should have some practical consequences. The heart of the faculty development programme will be to make acquainted participants with research methodology and statistical tools that can be used for data analysis to answer research questions through SPSS. This FDP will explore different senses of the concept of meaning in research, context, various types, challenges, benefits and forms of research.