Field Visits

Dr. Rekha Parmar and Dr. Satej Banne given guidance during field visit for identification of various Medicinal Plants arranged at Devnadi, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Industrial visit is very important to any student undergoing any professional education. It helps them to gain first hand information regarding the functioning of the industry. It also provides an opportunity to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classrooms. It also enhances themselves into the real working environment. Interpersonal skills and communication skills are also boosted and these visits serve as a relation building process between institute and industry.

About 50 field visits are organized by Parul Institute of Ayurveda every year for the development of students related to courses of prescribed syllabus. These tours include Primary Health Centre visit, Leprosy Hospital visit, Dairy visit, Pharmacy visit, Dravyagun vigyan visits for herb identification, Court visit for studing expert witness in medicolegal cases , SSG Hospital visit for studying of post mortem examination. These visits are very crucial for the students for deep learning and practical exposure for the specific course. Students are guided by concerned course teacher for learning process during these visits. Visits are essential for developing the vision of students that how each working units are functioning. So that in future if they are working part of any type of these units they can utilize their knowledge accordingly.

Our institutional students are allowed to visit various medicinal plant gardens inside & outside of Gujarat. Medicinal plant garden visit was arranged at Devnadi in Waghodia. Students are trained to identify about 50 plants with medicinal values, their method of collection, storage & their uses.