Field Laboratory/Experience Learning

Agriculture is the base of Field or Farm.In the field laboratory student will learn by own work experience like

  • Measurement of the field
  • Boundary preparation, Technique by live hage, fencing, Walling etc.
  • Cultivation of Land
  • Leveling of Land
  • Ploughing of Land
  • Bed preparation
  • Sowing of Seeds
  • Mulching the Seedbed
  • Water management
  • Nutrition management
  • Harvesting grading
  • Packing and Marketing

Computer Laboratory

Well Established computer lab is there in Parul University, Institute of Agriculture Science.

  • There are 20 computers placed in computer lab.
  • Sufficient space is there in computer lab
  • Anatomy of the computer will be taught to the student of Agriculture
  • Input, output Devices also be identified
  • Classification of computer, processing of the data
  • Operating system like DOS, Window will be taught
  • Students will study the application of MSWORD,MSEXCEL, PPT, etc.
  • Creating graphs-by the students

Soil Science Laboratory

The Building size of the soil science laboratory is 3ox10 feet.For practical purpose the platform is fixed in middle portion of the lab. One water sink is provided for every four students. The stand is fixed in middle part of the platform having multi stories which contain chemicals, glass wears and reagents. Gas burners are there in middle part. Sufficient sunlight and aeration is there.

  • Soil samples will be collected as per scientific way.
  • Soil moisture content will be determined
  • Field capacity, water holiday capacity also measured
  • Infiltration rate will be also calculated
  • Soil components like pH ,EC and organic carbon will be measured.
  • Soil profile also be studied by students

Agriculture Meteorology Lab

Meteorological laboratory will be developed soon. Site selection is done Following instruments are purchased

  • Soil thermometer-5,10,15 cm depth
  • Simple rain gauge for measuring of rain water
  • Self-recording rain gauge is there for auto-recording of rain water frequently
  • Sunshine recorder will be recorded sunshine hour
  • Wind direction will be measured by wind direction method
  • Evaporation rate will be measured by pan Evapometer

Botany Laboratory

The size of the laboratory is (30×10 feet).The platform is fixed in border line of lab. Fifteen new microscopes are there in the laboratory for practical work.

  • Taxonomic status will be studied under the lab.
  • Different propagation method will be taught.
  • Micro-slides will be prepared by student
  • Different stages of mitosis will be identified
  • Different stage of meiosis will be studied
  • Other plant part cross section also prepared and studied in better way.