Workshops will be organized:

Breeding of variety of fungi, Biotic and a biotic stress

Method of plant breeding like:

  • Introduction acclimatization, Mass selection, pure line selection and hybridization of resistant and hardly variety.
  • The  Varity should thrive best under harm full  pathogen .
  • It must thrive under Biotic and a biotic stress condition
  • Exploitation of hybrid  vigor or hardy nature  by Single or double cross hybrid.
  • Vegetative propagated plants are identified by colonel selection, mutation breeding
  • Ploidy breeding also useful in developing stress resistant characters

Modern Agriculture Implements for High- tech Agriculture

Fast urbanization and industries development  create  the farm  labor  problems in Agriculture even though huge population is there for High-tech Agriculture like Green House ,Micro-propagation, tissue culture, Micro  irrigation, Bio-and  Nano technology, Mulching, value addition need the modern implements which reduce the men power and increased the yield and income of Agriculture.

Modern implements   like

  • Paddy trans planter
  • Wheat and paddy harvester
  • Power spraying of insecticide
  • Potato planter and harvester
  • Micro land leveler
  • Pit digging machine
  • Auto-seed sowing  machine are used in smart Agriculture