Field Visits

Field Visits will be organized:

Visit to farmer’s field

  • They will identify the crop and crop based cropping system
  • Survey the problems of farmers
  • Identify the insect, pest damage symptoms and get the remedial measure for control
  • Under field visit the student will collect the data of the cost like Land preparation , cultivation, levelling Land preparation , cultivation , seed or planting material cost, irrigation cost, Fertilizer cost, weeding, Inter culturing, marketing
  • Students will calculate cost/Benefit Ratio.

Visit to KVK(Krish Vigyan Kendra)

Krish Vigyan Kendra is located in every District of Gujarat state

  • KVK provides the information of High Tech Agriculture to the farmers and students.
  • The students of Agriculture college will visit the KVK and get the information like:
  • List of crop growing the area on commercial base.
  • Cultivation practices used by the farmers and New technology for recommendation.
  • Field Demonstration will be observed.
  • Model of advanced Agriculture will also be seen.