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Expert Lectures will be organized:

Agriculture ensures green revaluation and balance food security

Agriculture  is a Blanket Term for land use system and technology in which agricultural crops, fruits , vegetable , ornamental plants, forest trees, shrubs, palm and animals are deliberately combined on the same unit of land by using advanced technology for gaining high yield and income. Integrating trees, shrubs and animals into same productive farming systems are seen as a core principle of suitable agriculture from green to evergreen basis. Natural resource management provides the foundation for achieving green revaluation. Natural resources  like land, water, air with human population and animals are to be integrated with each other and managed properly in positive way resulted in increasing GDP of India.

Agricultural plants can provide many other benefits including controlling of air purification by photo synthetic activities, enrich the soil by adding leaves, green carpet, aesthetic value. They provide firewood, bio fuel, timber, food, fodder, fruits, building material, material for tools, fiber, herbal medicine etc. Agricultural crop provide a number of other benefits, including, soil improvement, erosion control, shade, shelter windbreak, ground water management and protection of wildlife.

Agricultural products and raw materials are capable to generate employment opportunities to rural and urban youth by developing small and middle scale industries like paper, gum, plywood, lack, honey, tannin, furniture, wood carving, medicine, juice, toffee, paper, candy, jam, jelly and so on.

Planting of fruits crop or other economically valuable crops having long lasting and continuously producing or short lived plants should be planted in vast or follow land, which is significantly more rewarding than conventional cropping system.

Advanced agricultural technologies capable for green revaluation and white revaluation such as

  • Green House technology – controlled atmospheric temperature, Humidity, CO2 level and light intensity. Planting of high valued crops in green house in off season for obtaining higher income.
  • Micro- Irrigation – Drip, sprinkler and fogging irrigation system save 60% water with increasing yield and quality as well as reduced pest and disease infestation.
  • Bio –Technology – Tissue culture, Anther culture, Ovule culture produced true to type healthy planting materials in large quantity in limited time span.
  • Fertigation – Nutrition applied through micro irrigation near root zone of the plant. Fungicide also applied by this method.
  • Bio- Fertilizer – Azotobacter, Azospirilum, Phosphobacteria, VAM are available in the market reduced the chemical fertilizer.
  • Organic farming
  • Hydroponic Agriculture
  • Plug Nursery
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Floricuture
  • Value addition of Agricultural production
  • Advanced marketing system

High –Tech agriculture ensure the green revaluation and capable for balance food security.