M. Tech (Evening Program)

Duration: 3 years (Semester System)

Eligibility Criteria

Degree Engineering – 45% aggregate marks (as per state govt. /statutory body guidelines from time to time)


25 seats


Rs. 35,000/- per semester


6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Method of Admission

As per procedure of Parul University

About the program

In today’s times, when globalization has led to a fast paced urbanization of different areas, it is becoming more and more Qualification enhancement is the key for the professional development in this competitive era. It is been observed that after completion of Degree engineering, number of professionals opted job in the different Industries with due course of time. The expectations of market and job profile need higher qualification, and opportunities are every less to go for certification along with job. An M.Tech degree has the dual advantage as it opens up the avenues of twin careers of a professional engineer as well as a managerial role. It gives sufficient time to get deep technical knowledge of the subject and have more control over it.

Taking these facts into consideration Parul University has taken up the innovative step to offer evening Program to professionals working in the different Industries and seeking Qualification Enhancements. This program will be completely in collaboration of Industries or Industry Association.

Students enrolling in this program will be trained, and offered latest updated industry centric education. Industry exposure as well industry driven exhaustive material will be provided. Specialisation in this course would be on the basis of feedback received from various professionals. Henceforth, one can consider that these specialisations are offered on the basis of market demand and the need of the hour.

Job Prospects

On completion of this qualification you will be able to adapt to a variety of professional roles within the technological industry, ranging from the very technical to more business oriented.
• Engineering Roles in Corporate Sector
• Entrepreneur
• Academics
• Research and Development
• Ph.D.