Integrated ‘B Pharm (Ayu) – MBA’

Duration: 5 years (Semester System)

Recognized by



Constituent College of Parul University

Eligibility Criteria

12th(10+2) Science with Physics, Biology / Mathematics, Chemistry or any other technical vocational subject with minimum 45% aggregate for Open Category and 40% aggregate for Reserved Categories in these subjects.


30 seats


Rs. 70,000/- per Year

Method of Admission

As per procedure of Parul University

About the program

In recent times, the popularity of Ayurveda (The ancient science of life) is progressively increasing each day. Ayurvedic pharmaceutical sector is evolving at a tremendous rate, not only in India but also globally. Production and supply of authentic, quality controlled and quality assured Ayurvedic medicines at rapidly increasing rate is a major challenge in this field. G.M.P. certified Ayurvedic pharmacies are constantly looking for technical experts in preparation of standardized Ayurvedic drugs, manufacturing, storage, preservation and dispensing. Moreover development of new drugs and new formulations has recently become a rage in this field.

Taking these facts into consideration Parul University has taken up an innovative step to produce enthusiastic, skillful and knowledgeable Ayurved pharmacists who can take up the challenges in constantly growing Ayurved pharmaceutical sector. Students taking up this course will not only be given the knowledge but also be educated in the Ayurvedic subjects like Sharira (Anatomy and Physiology), Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana (Ayurvedic pharmaceutics), Dravyaguna Vigyan (Ayurvedic pharmacology) etc. Pharmacy related subjects like pharmaceutical technology, physical pharmacy, pharmacognosy, pharmacology etc are also the part of the syllabus.

The specialty of the course offered here is that the pharmacy management related subjects like operations management, materials management, customer relationship management etc have also been incorporated in the syllabus. This is the only course available in India which provides an integrated degree of B. Pharm (Ayu) with MBA. We hope this will provide an extra cutting edge to our young Ayurvedic pharmacists to propel in highly competitive Ayurved pharmaceutical sector.

Job Prospects

On completion of this qualification you will be able to adapt to a variety of professional roles within the Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical industry.
• Entrepreneur (Own Ayurved pharmacy or Ayurvedic medical store)
• Production Manager
• Marketing/Sales Executive
• Medical Representative
• Q.A./Q.C. Executive
• Pharmacist in Govt. Hospital
• Analyst in Govt. Laboratories
• Drug Inspector
• Academics
• M. Pharm. (Ayu) , PhD