• To fulfill all the requirements to help the poor & needy with medical treatment and to bear all the expenses of medical centre, clinic, nursing home etc.
  • To make sound efforts to provide wide exposure to health care awareness & literacy in newspaper, by audio-visual aids, meetings, seminars etc.
  • Remain in constant contact with the Government Health Centre for providing better medical abet.
  • To help necessary government activities and to take part in projects in educational & health care fields and donate money as
  • To encourage projects run by government such as family planning and more.
  • Trust will help issues concerning primary education, University education facility and higher study for the medical students and spend money for the betterment of the medical study and encourage it.
  • Indulge and Incite in Research & Development activities.
  • To take care of physically and mentally challenged adolescents and orphans for their education and job.