21st century is an era of unprecedented technological developments which has been marked by surge in industrial requirement of skilled professionals. Considering the potential & possibilities these latest technological developments offer, Parul University is poised to cater to the industrial requirements of skilled professions through quality education in all spheres of engineering, pharmacy, management & paramedical fields.

Nation Development lies in empowering its youth as that is a premier manner to address various socio-economic issues with their indomitable will & untiring efforts. Our objective is to aid in our nation’s Youth Development; to facilitate their all-round development; to enlighten them towards Social Upliftment; to mould them into competent engineers, pharmacist, management graduates, doctors & paramedics with keen insights & organizational skills.

Our vision is to promote excellence in Education, Research and Development through interactive teaching learning process, industry centric curriculum with active industry affiliation, highly qualified & experienced faculty members.