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World Aids Vaccine Day

Every year on May 18, World AIDS Vaccine Day is commemorated. This day is an opportunity to express gratitude to the volunteers, community people, health professionals, and scientists who have collaborated to develop a safe and effective HIV vaccine. This day of celebration is rooted in a speech given by the former US President, Bill Clinton, on May 18 1988, in which he stated that the only way to limit the spread of HIV and eventually destroy it was to produce a vaccine. On this day every year, communities all over the world join in a variety of activities to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS vaccinations, prevention, and education. 

AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This disorder is acquired by a virus infection. HIV has an immunological effect on a person's immune system, and A person's immune system becomes weakened and unable to function properly, or creates a deficiency of functionality, so to speak. HIV AIDS is one of the most taboo things to talk about, and people with this condition are often subject to discrimination, shame, and humiliation, among other things. However, what the world needs right now is a cure for the disease, and enough education for all members of the society to really understand the condition, the things that the affected go through, and how it is spread. Once enough education about these topics is given out, not only will the world be a lot happier, it will be a lot safer for the affected. 

PU firmly believes in an open-minded, accepting environment for all the affected, and continually organizes awareness programs and camps, encourages its students and staff to research the condition, and contributes to the development of the vaccine, which is in the making by NIH and various other organizations all across the globe.