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The famous food writer Kunal Vijayakar visits the PU campus for an epic PUTalks session with the students.

Imparting wisdom to its students from different walks of life has become a culture that PU is inculcating on its campus. Throughout the year the university has been allowing students to interact with some of the most iconic figures from India and across the globe. Recently a profound guest Kunal Vijayakar who is one of the country's top food writers visited the campus to conduct a PUtalks session under the I.I.M.U.N leadership series. He graced the stage to share vital knowledge from his decades of experience arising from his endless titles including Fame broadcaster, food writer, author, and actor.

During his visit to the campus, he went forth to visit the faculty of hotel management where he taught the budding students about the real aesthetics and beauty of cooking. PU aims to provide its students with the best learning exposure. In these efforts, the university consists of state-of-the-art facilities such as laboratories, field visits, extracurricular activities to equip and prepare the students for the industry. PUTalks has been acting as a platform for limitless growth where the student's potential has been shaped towards a brighter future. “never be afraid to try out something new, from a young age I had a keen interest in food, and as I grew older I always believed that I can cook anything, hence this one of the factors that powered me to try new dishes and go out of my comfort zone”, shared Kunal Vijayakar.