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Remote Control Based Agriculture Robot

Objectives of the project: -
Multitasking, in one assembly of the equipment it performs sowing, fertilizing, and leveling. In another assembly, it performs weeding and weedicide application Applicable for all types of seed-to-seed cultivation. Automated, the equipment can be animal-powered or tractor powered just pulling off the equipment is enough, and the rest of the actions is automated.

Creativity: -

Sowing and fertilizer: - it is used for line sowing and fertilizing cereals and other crops.
Inter cultivation: - it is used leveling of beds, crush clods, and collection of uprooted weeds, and aeration the soil.

Designing of spraying mechanism which is driven by the chain and sprocket by the front wheel of the unit.

Environmental effects: -
It is the best and most economic for farmers in today’s world without any huge investments and it can be worked without any external source like electrical, solar energy.

We can contribute today without air pollution and water pollution.

To improve the soil condition by reducing evaporation from the soil surface, and improving infiltration of rain or surface water.

Reduce runoff to maintain ridges or beds on which the crop is grown and to reduce competition of weeds for light, nutrients, and water.

Social impacts: -
Reduces pollution and electricity bill on farms and it is very helpful to our farmers who have not facilities of all equipment.