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PU’s SRC inaugurates a new Street School Project for young children

Mahatma Gandhi once emphasized in a famous quote that “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. PU’s Social Responsive Cell is one that has taken upon itself that responsibility to render social services towards nation-building. In efforts to provide access to quality education, dedicated members of the Cell have inaugurated a street school project called the Killol Vidyamandir. This Vadodara-based school for children, ‘Kalidas ni Chal’ under the Vishvamitri bridge will be the start of a life-changing journey for the children in society. 

The initiative was achieved in association with Bosco Snehalaya which is a shelter home for young children. Snehalaya has been providing shelter to the young living on the railway platforms and in the streets who are in need of care and protection. This effort will go a long way to help them develop their self-confidence and the consciousness that they too can contribute something to society. The SRC is committed to delivering excellence in human services through the promotion of social awareness, ensuring welfare, and encouraging social services. “Every step taken towards uplifting humanity is a step that will create a better future and this is a part of the vision that we lead as an institution” Dr. Geetika Madan Patel, the Medical Director at Parul Sevashram Hospital.