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PU’s Rajkot Homeopathic Medical College becomes the first college in Saurashtra to be granted National Homeopathic Commission Permissions to offer postgraduate programmes

With the growing demand for effective healthcare and highly trained medical professionals, Parul University’s Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College has once again gone a mile ahead towards ensuring quality in medical education. The college recently achieved yet another milestone by receiving permission from the National Homeopathic Commission to offer postgraduate courses in the field of homeopathy. This remarkable achievement will go a long way in placing this homeopathic college on the map as it will be the first in Saurashtra to start postgraduate courses in homoeopathy. Not only will the college be the only one in Saurashtra but it will be the fourth private college in the entire state of Gujarat.

An analysis by the Ministry of AYUSH, indicated that this sector exhibited an annual growth rate of 26.3% in the past year, the highest among the other AYUSH modalities, for this reason there is a need for quality experts in the field. Over the years the Institute has been known for investing its resources in grooming and shaping quality experts and resources who provide key solutions to the people and communities and this new addition will go a long way in enhancing this level of quality care. From the academic year of 2021 to 2022 the college will be offering additional courses in the postgraduate level subjects of Organon of Medicine, Repertory, Practice of Medicine and Homoeopathic Materia Medica. The institute has been committed towards providing quality research in the field and through the new postgraduate courses it will be working towards providing the most effective solutions and expertise to ensure healthy communities.

The faculty consists of highly trained faculties from renowned institutions across the nation along with Ph.D guides and research experts who have been playing the key role of providing effective solutions in the field of homeopathy. In addition, the college encompasses state of the art facilities and laboratories, equipped with instruments and resources which make infinite knowledge finding exploits possible. In addition the college is also equipped with a 50 Bedded NABH Accredited Homeopathy Hospital through which it has been providing quality training to the students while at the same time providing the best of healthcare services to the community. The unique feature behind Rajkot Homeopathic Medical College’s learning experience is that the institute focuses on providing a well structured curriculum which is intouch with the needs of the society. 

The year 2021 has also been a silver jubilee year of the Institution marking an anniversary of 25 years of academic excellence. For Parul University offering a comprehensive learning experience has been one of its key agendas behind the education it offers and seeks to provide the much needed solutions to the challenges faced by the Ayush healthcare sector across the country. With over four colleges under its administration, the University’s Faculty of Homeopathy continues to strive towards providing the highest form of academic medical excellence. “I am confident that with these newly granted permissions, our homeopathic medical college will be able to go a long way in providing the best quality medical resources, who will serve our communities and our nation'', said the University’s Medical Director, Dr. Komal Patel.