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PU's international students secure second position at the National level AIU championships

PU aims to create platforms that foster the maximum growth of students not only in their academics but as well as their skill sets. Recently the university participated in the West zone All India inter university championships where its students took the stage to showcase their talents. With the same enthusiasm the students went on to participate in the national level of AIU championships which were held at Jain University where they stunned the audience with their outstanding performances. The western vocal group secured the second position bringing this achievement home. The students lightened the atmosphere with their outstanding performances which bagged them accolades. The Inter University Sports Board (AIU) aims to promote competitive sports in the university sector which is full of sporting potential for excellence. 

The university's group of international students secured the first position in the western group singing, Isha Mishra from the faculty of IT and computer science for securing third position in elocution competition, Kudakwashe Muzondo students of the faculty of Law for securing fourth position in western vocal solo, C H Bharadwaj students of engineering and technology for securing fourth position in poster making competition. The students were awarded with accolades for their prestigious work and courage to participate.

In efforts to channel this youthful energy towards constructive directions the university continues to create platforms within its campus that allow the students to discover their abilities. Through events such as Dhoom festival, projections, Maadhyam amongst many others. " We are proud and we congratulate our students for displaying excellence in the expression of their talents, we are dedicated to provide continuous support to all our students and also to encourage them to explore greater heights" shared the university's president Dr Devanshu Patel.