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PU organizes a week of Internationalisation with guest chef Prof Edgar Perez- Esteve to provide students with a taste of the Spanish cuisines and lifestyle.

PU has become a global center as well as one of the few private university where the students are provided with continuous platforms to engage with highly reputed experts from across the globe. In efforts to bring the world to its students, the university through the Erasmus+ Mobility Partnership Program based International Week invited Prof Edgar Perez- Esteve from the partner university in Spain. During this week of internationalization the guest delivered a series of edifying lessons with the students from the department of Hospitality which were aimed to provide them with practical based experience from a real chef who possess a wealth of experience in international cuisines. Furthermore, the guest chef conducted experiential Workshops and sessions for Hotel Management, Food Technology, and Dairy Technology students. 

Prof. Edgar delivered knowledge-packed sessions on “Introduction to Spanish Food Culture” with the hotel management students. He explained the different types of raw materials used in Spanish cuisine.  The professor also went further to explained the wine-producing regions in Spain and gave a brief idea about appellation controls used by the Spanish authorities. The session imparted the student's vital knowledge and information regarding their careers. The chef prepared a vegetarian version of the Paella which is is one of his classic favourite dishes. Students gained a glimpse of the future scope of study in Spain, Process controls and Spanish regulatory authorities. In addition the professor shared light on  the interlink between the Roman culture and Spanish cuisines and their preparations.

A total of 221 students from  B.Sc, B.Tech, M.Tech and M.sc courses from the  Department of Dairy Technology attended an international expert talk which encompassed insightful discussions on the topic of Innovation in the Food Industry. Prof Edgar Perez-Esteve threw light on the Innovations in the food sector representing the implementation of the developments and research results in the form of new improved food products, and new technologies. During this informative session he also shared about the current trends in the food sector and the advances in product innovations of the food industry. 

Towards the end of the session the students were provided with a question and answer session where they gained indepth understanding that is beyond the classroom. During his visit at the department he aslo discussed about the ELP program and how it is beneficial for the students to learn practical skills. He also tasted dairy products prepared by the students such as Peda, Burfi, Basundi, and Shrikhand and he was awestruck by the taste, flavor, and texture of dairy products.

The students from BHMCT participated in a session as a part of a trait test and orientation for the senior batches. The students prepared a menu comprising of one Indian bread, one Indian vegetable, and one Indian dessert dish for Prof. Edgar. The professor tasted and judged the meals and through his expert knowledge of various cuisines he explained about the importance of each ingredient and explained the role of highlighting a particular ingredient because of its primary role in that particular dish. During his visit at the faculty of hospitality Management In the session, Prof Shounak Nazar presented his ideas on the current culinary trends present across the food and beverage industry.

During his 1 week stay in India, he was provided with an opportunity to explore the rich heritage of Vadodara. He visited some of the most iconic attractions in the city including Laxmi Vilas Palace., Sayajigunj Garden, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park UNESCO World Heritage Site and the famous Statue of Unity. PU through this holistic approach, will continuously sow towards providing its students with an all round education which goes beyond the borders through the utilisation of initiatives sich as the Erasmus Mobility Partnership Program.