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PU Joins the league of elite Global Universities by becoming an undersigning member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Reinforcing its international presence amongst the world’s most elite class of Higher educational institutions, PU has become an undersigning party to the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Such a groundbreaking initiative acts as a comprehensive stepping stone towards enhancing the University’s goal towards internationalisation. Being amongst a few of Gujarat’s and India’s premium Universities to avail this membership, the Association Of Commonwealth Universities features the world’s leading Universities from Africa, Asia Europe, America as an integral part of this commonwealth fraternity. It will further go a long way in establishing a wide range of benefits for the University’s students and faculties looking to avail any benefits from other commonwealth nations. 

From the date of its inception in the year 1913, the Association of Commonwealth Universities is the brainchild of University of London, United Kingdom, solidifying higher educational institutions from commonwealth member countries to establish common grounds for cooperation. The Association stands as a constitution of Universities from across the globe, exposing each one of them to common educational resources and opportunities for the students. Acting along its 2030 agenda, the ACU seeks to establish a harmonious growth of all the member Universities, ensuring a maximum benefit for the students on an  international scale. Featuring a wide range of global campaigns, from digitalisation to environmental protection, along with cultural integration. 

For the budding students of PU, this association will bring about new horizons of academic opportunities ranging from academics, cultural integration and global placement opportunities. ACU provides an enriching dynamic blend of scholarship and fellowship programs designed to facilitate potential students in further studies in any of the member Universities in Africa, Europe and Asia. The fellowship goes on to include funding for student based research cooperations allowing the students of PU's to pursue their innovative ideas. It goes on to provide sound avenues for student exchange programs amongst the member Universities. As an additional benefit, the association goes a step further into organising global enriching events for cultural integration which the students of Parul University will now be partaking in. 

“By Becoming a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, PU, will be amongst the leading Universities in India to be a part of one of the world’s largest higher educational networking system. This membership will not only act as a quality assurance tool for our students, but it will go a long way in ensuring a maximum benefit for the students on a global scale. We will ensure that effective steps are taken to utilise this unique opportunity.” said the Parul University President, Dr Devanshu Patel.